Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Lairdx, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. For sale. Large reproduction of a fifteenth century two handed Scottish broadsword. Claymore.

    Huge sword made of steel with a leather bound grip. Blade has a full tang right through to the pomell (which is thistle shaped) so it could be used by re-enactor and is sturdy enough to fight with although all I ever did was hang it on the wall. It is not sharpened but could be.

    Forty five pounds.
    Buyer collects or pays for shipping.
  2. nobody wants to chop anybody up with a big sword then? Aren't there any medieval walts about who could use this? I need to get it out of the house before Mrs Lairdx uses it to murder me. She is pregnant and grumpy.
  3. Signed by Mel Gibson would get it moving Laird.

    'As used in Braveheart .....etc '
  4. [​IMG]

    This is it.

  5. Have you not considered eBay? You can shift pretty much anything...
  6. I am barred from ebay - A bloke ripped me off and I persecuted him until he sent what I had payed for.

    RC signals very kindly set me up another email address so I could register again but I was rumbled after a couple of days.

    See the ebay all in here thread for details.
  7. "You could have someones eye out with that!"
  8. Is Mrs getting you to trade it for some carpet?
  9. No. Carpet is already to be put down. I need to buy a new combi - boiler and treat mrs lairdx to something to get me out of trouble.
  10. I know the feeling.... my wifes just finished being "with child" for the second time...... oh, but she's still grumpy??? :roll:
  11. Odd. Well, We could set you up with another email address and you could register as Mrs Lairdx. They can't punish her for whatever they think you did?
  12. claymore is now sold. Thanks for the interest.
  13. Ill pay you £5000 for it, ive been looking for this very claymore for 509 days. Oh... I just saw the last post.. doh
  14. Have you flogged your carpets as well?
  15. LOLOLOLOL Jesus Biscuit I bit my Toblerone that hard then an alp nearly went throgh the roof of my mouth