clay pigeon shooting

Hello does anyone know if the the army allows/encourages clay pigeon shooting as a sport?,iv'e been shooting for a number of years and spent two of them working on a shoot, (sporting targets, bit of skeet) joining up in november (Re driver ) just wondered could i carry on with the sport whilst at regiment?
Yes - speak to the Army Rifle Association on 01483 798084. They have all the dates for team selection, training courses, useful POCs etc etc.

But don't talk to them until you've settled down in your regiment and have some time and money to devote to training.
cheers asr1
yeah i get what your saying, got i while to go till i get to regiment let alone settle in it :) , but its good to know i can persue it later on.
thanks again bud.
Not a problem. It's worth getting your shotgun certificate now at your home address and then transferring the storage address to the military armoury wherever you are posted.

Much less painful than trying to get people who haven't got a clue about firearms legislation to sign the various bits of paper you need when you eventually get to your regiment.
okay will do that thanks for the heads up, i still keep a gun at the shoot but it wouldnt take much to swap it to my home adress.
I supose a germany posting would be the same /different?, cross that bridge when i come to it.

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