CLAW rifle grenade

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by offog, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Casting your minds back can anyone give info on the CLAW grenade. By the time it was introduced I was too old to be running around in the grass so it past me by. As I remember it was only in for a short time, 5+ years before being withdrawn.

    What did CLAW stand for and what was the L number? Did it only come in HE and Prac?

  2. From a previous thread

    So CLAW was French and the RGGS was from Israel - I've no-idea what the L number was but I do know it frikking hurt when the SUSAT smacked you in the mooey!

    Also I think you'll find the CLAW was actually HEAT due to fragmentation, intended target and innocent people etc, etc. Did it not replace the old 66mm in rural areas in the early 90's?
  3. Is this the one?

  4. Close light assault weapon if i recall correctly.
  5. CLAW was the MECAR bullet trap grenade - shaped charge with a fragmentation jacket...

    We blew the last of them up about five years ago.
  6. French thing with a plastic clip on sight fitted on the SUSAT?
  7. thanks guys.

    HE117 do you know what the L number was?
  8. I remember being in batus in'02 with the KOSB and they had these fitted. Allways wondered what they were as no one else appeared to have them fitted.
  9. L74A1
  10. Thanks
  11. Was it any good? We never got it issued.
  12. IIRC a RS Jock won an MM using one against an Iraqi armd vehicle in Op GRANBY.