Claw or Ball-pein ?

Mr Morris staged an attempted burglary by removing the front of a cat flap and leaving a spirit level outside to make it look as if an intruder had used it to open the catch on the door
How'd he expect to get away with that?
How many bloody burglars carry a spirit level around with them?
"Right, I'm off burgling tonight. Lets check my kit. Stripey top. Check. Swag bag. Check. Face mask. Check. Torch. Check. Crowbar. Check. Spirit level. Check"
Ffs! Was he thinking he could persuade the cops, that the burglar might have wanted to build a wall whilst he was out robbing?

& in answer to the original question asked....clawhammer.
Better leverage when getting the eyes out.
i'd use a claw hammer... hammer some six-inch nails into a baseball bat :p

it's all about how much you can make the jury cringe

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