Claw like finger nails ......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Yesterday I was out shopping and got served by a till jockey that had the most vicious set of nails I have seen in a long time, proper talons! The till jockey was a young, slender ....... teenage ........... bloke!

    I have noticed an increase in blokes growing their fingernails, not just young whipper snapper that don't know any better or senile coffin dodgers who have just forgetten. Business men, teachers, weird looking feckings on the Northern line.

    Have Metrosexuals taken over or have the undead taken to walking the streets? Would I get away with plunging a wooden stalk in their hearts and splash holy water all over the shop?

    Confused of Von Harley Castle.
  2. I keep mine nicely filed down by constantly biting them,
  3. Like that?


    or that?

  4. Real men use emery cloth............... or an angle grinder.
  5. Nope, their birds and are allowed claws, his was more like

  6. Poof.........use an hammer blindfolded.
  7. I would have thought you would have got your woman to file them down using the sand paper like stubble on her legs?
  8. How does she wipe her arse? These questions have to be asked.
  9. So that's what bidets are for.

  10. She has trained a small puppy to lick it clean.
  11. Well I never, you learn something new every day on tinternet :roll:
  12. AAGF


    I used to work with an otherwise normal bloke (American - ok, no comment) back in New Hampshire. We were in the smoking room (remember them?) and I noticed his finger nails basically looked like mine - trimmed but otherwise left alone - EXCEPT for the little finger on his left hand, which was long, shaped, buffed and clear-coated. I asked him about it - he told me it pulls the women down in Boston - "It gives expression to his feminine side."
  13. My WO has long fingernails, and he's a cnut.
  14. Really???? Chap I knew many moons ago had one long nail on his little finger for use as a coke spoon...I gather it was not uncommon.
  15. Lots of Wops, especially in the south, have one long fingernail on the little finger of their left or right hands to pick their noses with. Straight up!