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Model and hubby hire fearsome fighters

FORGET your muscle-bound heavies in dark shades and bulging sweatshirts... the new showbiz must-have is a squad of Gurkhas.

Claudia Schiffer and her British film director husband Matthew Vaughn have sparked a celebrity craze by hiring five former British Army Gurkhas to help run and protect their £5million Suffolk mansion.

The Layer Cake director and his German supermodel missus are great supporters of the fearsome Nepalese fighters and have been urging pals to hire them too.
Now we hear Vaughn's best friend Lock, Stock director Guy Ritchie and his wife Madonna are so impressed after seeing their Gurkhas, they want to employ some too. And whatever Madonna wants, she usually gets.

Matthew told 3am: "The Gurkhas are among the most hardworking, loyal and skilled people I have ever come across. We are delighted to give them jobs."

Gurkhas are famous for carrying the curved kukri knife and a recent change in British law means that those who served for four years or more and retired after 1997 can live and work in Britain after they leave the army.

Several of the Gurkhas Matthew and Claudia have hired are experts in close protection - so any unwanted guests will have quite a mission on their hands with these ruthless, highly-trained men.

Matthew, 33, and 34-year-old Claudia have been targeted by two stalkers this year.

A Canadian fan was arrested in August after he flew to Britain and knocked on the door of the couple's 16th century home, Coldham Hall, near Bury St Edmunds.

He was released without charge after promising not to go near the house again.

Then in March, another Canadian was arrested four times in a week after he tried to deliver letters to Claudia and ask the stunning blonde for advice on how to become a male model.

He was charged with harassment but the case was dropped and he was deported as an illegal immigrant. But the man sneaked back into Britain in June and was arrested after turning up at the mansion. He was sent back to Canada. Again.

Claudia gave birth last month to their second child, a daughter named Clementine. They also have a two-year-old son, Caspar.

"It's understandable that Matthew and Claudia want to have ex-Gurkhas around them. They are renowned for being some of the toughest and bravest men on earth," said a source.

"The men they have hired all have specific domestic and organisational tasks like gardening duties and driving, but their ferociousness should not be overlooked.

"They are very professional and incredibly discreet."

Which is all a bit of a dilemma for Posh and Becks who will inevitably want to top Claudia and Matthew... But we hear the Brigade of Guards is available.

All very nice but would you want to work for Posh or Madonna? :?
i have heard Posh is a nightmare to work for and Madonna is not much better.
i think both are better headless, one single slice from a Kukri knife from a pushed to the limits Gurkha will do the job :lol:
maybe we can start collection
So the latest fad for the Beautiful and mindless is to hire Gurkhas. OK

But what's up with all these stalker Canadians?
how is things at your end jonwilly, in Thailand ?
Good Morning.
Life in the hill stations is cool this time of year.
I assume your refering to the problems down south. You know as much as we do. We have had a few folks come north and tell us tales. Bad business, much death and suffering but also what WE knew we would hear, tales of the natural kindness for which Thai people are know.
Much sorrow among Thai folk for the King lost his grandson and Thai's take matters like that very seriously.
I tried to give Blood but was rejected by Thai red Cross, as I had an alcoholic drink in previous 24 Hrs, bit different from UK forces when ya had emergency ops.
PS Nice country good folk.

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