Claudia Winkleman. Why????

just watching Film 2011 and although Claudia ticks all the things i dont look for in a woman EG. too much make up, getting on a bit, slightly wrinkly,3 kid minge, doesnt have a cock. I find her very attractive and would engage in many kinky acts up to and including watersports and pegging. Do any other arrse feel the same way about her?
Your thoughts gentlemen
BBC missed a trick when they failed to give Mark Kermode the Film 2011 gig. I find this woman quite irritating to be honest, although, as it's the NAAFI, I'd still chuck one up it if she promised to shut up for thee minutes.
Agree with the replies so far nothing special and irritating but I want so badly to do naughty things to her. She looks like she enjoys sex in bus shelters with her knickers around the tops of her knee high boots
The 'transformation' from scatter-brained social gadabout to film critic really hasn't worked. Got to agree with the Mark Kermode comment.

The missus'd probably object if I gave Winkleman one but I'd probably watch, at least. Unless there was a decent film on.
I'd enjoy Film 2011 more if it was Jon Culshaw's impression of her that was presenting.

I wouldn't touch her with Tropper's...


Simples , you aint alone I'd say. Womanly, dusky and er...womanly. Lots of hair, nice bod, well spoken and not thick , to my mind. The thinking man's crumpet who's still on TV, by keeping out of trouble and generally being a good egg... probably.

And MILF with a degree. My missus is cut from the same cloth but I wonder if CW is half as good in the sack?


Book Reviewer
I can't help thinking that after banging her she'd look across at that bloke and ask for his review

"It started well I found it long in parts but it was poorly directed but the action was not bad in places and picked up after 5A and P.G. arrived stage left...."

"Thanks well there you have it me being gangbanged by Arrse 3 out of 5"


Some google wizardry has led me to find out that her half sister is Sophie Winkleman AKA Big Suze thus making her 100x more attractive. Pic follows for the ignorant
Can`t see what the fuss is about . I had to Google to find out that she is a Red Sea pedestrian bint who gets on the box.

Mark The Convict

I actually thought that was a pic of Liz Hurley, but didn't dare mention it, because someone would have mentioned Shane Warne, and the thread would have turned nasty.
So was it you that paid by cheque ? And I had to finish her off you lazy fcuker :)
I fear that you have confused me with one of the 20 other blokes in the queue behind me.

(BTW, please thank your missus for the £500 she gave me - she said 'by the inch or by the hour - you're worth it'. Nice lady :biggrin: ).
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