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Just as well threatening to do something isn't treated as harshly as actually doing it then........;)

And that, boys and girls, is how the professionally outraged get to claim they receive death threats.
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Her recent comment on social media "I'm a Black Woman, in a White Court" ! :rolleyes:

Setting the scene for eternal victimhood

She loses, but wins at the same time . . . amongst her dribbling moronic left-wing supporters


A bit of research on the chap raises a few other reasons why the screeching classes would have conniptions.

He was born into a Creole family in Sierra Leone. Creoles were freed slaves returned to Sierra Leone by the British to a colony established and supported by British Abolishinists. They make up about 1.3% of the local population and many became senior figures in local Government which is said to account for there preference for English names.

As stated, after his military career he worked in the Colonial Office and was one of, if not the prime mover behind Empire Windrush. He was involved in the return of Jamaican servicemen and realised that there’d be no work for them in Jamaica so persuaded the Colonial Office to get them back to the U.K.

He took up law after it being suggested to him that he’d be very good at it following his successful defence of subordinates at two Courts Martial.

One imagines that we’ll soon be having a Smythe Road in Brixton as part of Commissar Khan’s History Rewritten Project?
While I'd be delighted to live on Smythe Road I suspect, as you imply, this Mr Smythe isn't, unfortunately, the kind of man the 'screeching classes' (I'm nicking that!) would recognise in that way.
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Reiterated elsewhere, but just for you @Aphra .

A friend when posted to Germany, meets and falls in love with a young fraulein.
The wedding arranged, the British contingent head over and the families meet.
Unfortunately, the brides father is an up his arse ex Luftwaffe pilot, and the grooms, a suffer no fools Commando.

"So mein Herr, what did you do during the war?"

"Kill you cnuts!" Wonders off to the bar.

Similar dit: when my grandmother died, they gathered the entire clan for her wake. A distant cousin brought his girlfriend, who was a proud member of CND. He made the mistake of introducing her to a great uncle, who had survived a Japanese POW camp. After listening to her rant about the evil Americans dropping the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he politely replied it was a damn shame they hadn't nuked Tokyo as well. :)



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