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Claudia Webbe Watch

I didn't say I wouldn't be consumed by self-loathing afterwards, but I'd go through with it nonetheless.
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In the post.


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Just got to love the Labour party lurching into the mud again, and talking of lurching, is it me or does her forehead, not be all 'Lurch from the Addams family' like.

@Archimedes The "pangolin in China with a bit of a tight chest" made me titter so stealing that for a rainy day. :wink:
Apart from the lack of ridges, she wouldn't need a lot of make-up to become a Klingon!

She had to shut her constituency office a few months ago because of threats. Sadly, I think a massively entertaining Red on Red court case is unlikely as both Webbe and Butler are friends of Jeremy.

I trust that she'll be advocating the investigation and, where appropriate, arrest of numerous Momentum supporters who abused anyone who disagreed with them?
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You're all very piccy on here---- I'd do her(Old Style Arrser)

Dr Death

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The Labour MP Claudia Webbe has been suspended from the Labour party after being charged with harassment of a woman over a period of nearly two years.


Who set about her with the ugly stick, she is s shoo - in for the Predator's stunt double.

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