classifiying fredsmith as an oxygen theif

Should he be branded

  • yes

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  • no he's the knows everything about the military

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fredsmith joined arrse on the 5th. Since then all he has done is invaded forums and chat rooms spouting utter rubbish

all those in favour of branding him as a waste of space vote ye
He should additionally have his head fed into a tree pulping device then have his spleen offered up to a pack of hungry Poodles.

The blokes a chod and an uncircumcised piece of genitalia; a complete penis.
Had to look for his posts to find out who he is. What a uber-throbber-mong-gimp.
Surprisingly saw that he had been posting in the occifers area, he doesn't really strike me as officer material.
It's simple, I was a Private, I stay in the Naafi Bar. I don't belong in the mess so I don't go there.

Please tell me that he is just a wah, MDN's alter ego or something.

Can't say that really. Sorry MDN
Methinks he's ruffled the good Lord Flashys feathers.

I see helicopter blades going through some sad cnuts head.
If you do do that Flashy then at least post the pics and vids.

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