classifiying fredsmith as an oxygen theif

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SuperSnake092, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. yes

  2. no he's the knows everything about the military

  1. fredsmith joined arrse on the 5th. Since then all he has done is invaded forums and chat rooms spouting utter rubbish

    all those in favour of branding him as a waste of space vote ye
  2. Voting for yourself fred doesn't count
  3. Agreed.
  4. He should additionally have his head fed into a tree pulping device then have his spleen offered up to a pack of hungry Poodles.

    The blokes a chod and an uncircumcised piece of genitalia; a complete penis.
  5. Had to look for his posts to find out who he is. What a uber-throbber-mong-gimp.
    Surprisingly saw that he had been posting in the occifers area, he doesn't really strike me as officer material.
    It's simple, I was a Private, I stay in the Naafi Bar. I don't belong in the mess so I don't go there.

    Please tell me that he is just a wah, MDN's alter ego or something.

    Can't say that really. Sorry MDN
  6. unfortunately not mac he needs removing from the human gene pool

  7. He needs to be a member of it first.
  8. Methinks he's ruffled the good Lord Flashys feathers.

    I see helicopter blades going through some sad cnuts head.
    If you do do that Flashy then at least post the pics and vids.
  9. Feathers not ruffled, I just think he is a good reason why care in the community isnt working.
  10. which sad feckwits keep voting no? fred needs wiping out before he can reproduce end of
  11. It's almost like people aren't taking it seriously! I'm outraged!