Did you ever come across this spidery bit of kit?
You could paint it white and use in Norway...but not wear it.

The OP is meant to be titled "CLASSIC" but the forum won't allow all caps.


I did a one day course on it in the mid 80's and then took it down to the Falklands for our company tour, I was the company "expert" .

It was utter shite and continually gave false readings, the ground sensors didn't seem to work to well and in the end we dropped using its and the kits sat on the shelf
I was under the impression that it was the latest technology at the time, at least that's what's was told! To be honest I had completely forgotten all about it until I read this post .


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I remember IRIS but not Classic, therefore I assume it wasn't much use. I expect thermal imaging won the day.
Wasn't this a bit of heavy outmoded kit that sat next to TOBIAS in the CQMS' stores? I remember taking the seismic and IR sensor kits to Porton Down for the defence ex, and neither of them worked. (Probably operator error)
It seems I had more effective outcomes with CLASSIC - and it was about before '82!
I remember using it in 1985. The IR bits were the most useful as the seismic sensors took ages to settle down if there was any background 'noise' like trees. Someone once told me that the seismic sensors could tell the difference between two and four legged targets. But that must have been a pile of cock or we'd have been overrun by Spetznaz teams dressed as pantomime horses.
I'm fairly sure that the boxes just looked like 349s. Don't remember tripwires, just IR and seismic sensors.
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