Classic TV adverts

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PartTimePongo, May 27, 2005.

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  1. None as good as the Lynx 'if only' ad. Need to find a link.

    "Oh no. If I'd wanted foreplay, I would have asked for it."
    "Hi. You're not late, it's my watch. It's always fast."
    "That's okay. You'll remember my birthday next year."
    "You look so sexy playing air guitar."
    "Of course you can have some money for a lapdance."
    "After sex, I'm out like a light."
    "She meant nothing to you? Well, if you put it that way I forgive you."
    "I could listen to you talk about football all day."
    "That is so funny. I collect comic books too."
    "Oh how nice! You noticed my breasts."
    "Can I ask you a question? Do you mind if my best friend joins..."
  2. Spike Milligan in the ad for the Mini in the 70's.

    "I'm coming Min!" Class!! 8)
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    I think the old Yellow pages ad's back in 90's were classic! I know a tad boring but kind of sweet.

    But the Boddington's are great!
  4. Whiffler & 2 brothers would play 'first to guess the ad' on wet evenings. I recall one sequence of 11 out of 12 ads being for (Cadbury's?) Dairy Crisp/Crunch? - sort of chocolate with rice crispy things inside.

    OK, so I don't remember that much about them, except they were all different and featured Spike Milligan being very Spike Milligan.
  5. What about the old Carlsberg ads with Griff Rhys-Jones and clips from the old war movies - Cruel Sea, Ice Cold In Alex, Great Escape also the Carling Black Label Dambusters one with the Jerry playing goalie with the bouncing bomb. I like the current Stella ad with the ice skating priests. Classics all.
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  6. The salmon advert with the bloke and the grizzly scrapping ? Kick in the nads -classic!!
    Blonde moment from her indoors- do bears have bol%cks?
    No love they lay eggs.......................
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  7. For the Dam busters one try on here
  8. You mean the likes of "thats right, fly fishing by J.R.Hartley.......You have!!! thats wonderful, could you reserve it for me? name??? J.R.Hartley.

    Great adverts.

    Pantella ads were great aswell, what with the unforgetable music that went with them, how did it go again? :D
  9. Can any one remember a hamlet cigar one where a guy is sat by the lake all peace full, then a remote controlled speed boat comes wizzing past., and its two youths messing around with it, and chasing ducks, the guy then picks up hi remote control, for a submarine, and launches a torpedo and sinks the kids boat, then sparks up a cigar, and que music.....
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  10. I can!!
    I think i may have been confused between pantella and hamlet!!

    There was also the one in the photo booth were the guys hair would flop down just as the picture wwas taken, on the last one, his seat collapsed below him, que music!! :D
  11. Does anyone remember an Ad where a submarine crew are trapped, so they call for a crew-member with a sledge who smashed a TV screen and they- with lots of water - spill out onto someones living-room carpet? ...Or was I very drunk at the time?
  12. XXXX -'Hey blue, I can see the pub from here'

    or 'I think we overdid it with the sherry'

  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The best advert has to be the carling black label advert showing Jerry playing goal keeper with bouncing bombs.
  14. The Cinzano ads with Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins were absolute classics. Twenty years on, and the memory alone makes me smile.