Classic service rifles for sale


ugly said:
I'll shortly be posting a list of classic service rifles and trainers for sale. All section 1 so FAC holders only. A substantial quantity of ammo and even reloading dies may be available.
Wait out
What size are the trainers? ;)


adult size!
No Addias samba then?
I don't suppose you've got any classic Nike Air Hurache's from 92 or 93 in a size 9? :D
Surely not the French thingy with the trigger that sounds like Zeberdee when you fire it? :D



That as well I'm afraid Henry unless it doesnt sell. I'm at a choke point and need to buy more sporting rifles for work. This can only be done legally and financially by flogging of the range queens.
I have a good ERA P14, a SMLE Mk V, a Ross, several .22s and the MAS 36. That will come with dies and ammo unless they dont want to reload. I fancy buying another Mas and sporterising it so it needs to be a bit of a donor rifle and mine is too good for that.
I have a W prefix single digit serial Number No 8 with both sets of sights and elements, a BSA 12, 13, 8. A Greener takedown, Winchester 03 semi with period scope, a Greener converted Martini Hennry Mk11 1874.
I wil also be selling a hardly used Winchester Silver pigeon 12 bore side by side proofed for steel.
There may be more. It all depends what I get up to this afternoon. I'll post pics and a suggested price.
I'm off to the woods now to collect some firewood.

I'd be very interested in all of the military ones for my collection; could also find homes for the others or arrange sale if you need to move them off-ticket quickly.

Best price/ quickest sale might be to put them with one of us at the forthcoming Bisley arms fairs.

Hope you're not exiting the shooting world for some reason?


Not exiting just clearing out and getting room for more sporting rifles.
The less I have to do with Bisley and the NRA the lower my bood pressure will be!
Shame for you to get rid Ugly....

If 4(t) doesn't want any of them I'd be interested in the P14 and the SMLE

I've had more variations this year than Victor Variable from Variation street


I'll put a link in to the pics later!
minister_doh_nut said:
I've had more variations this year than Victor Variable from Variation street
And some were on your FAC too!


I'm trying to upload them to a website I run, if successful plunder away, if not then I'll post a link to the album and ask any questions you want.
Yellow_Devil said:
k13, you shouldn't have done that. Ugly will be sitting at his desk for hours trying to identify all the weapons.
I know mate ... cruel as fcuk eh :wink:

Edited to add: This is a genuine private collection ... I think in the states?
I had a buyer all lined up for you down the Kings Road in Chelsea but he doesn't need them now. :wink: