Classic old school ghetto blaster

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thegimp, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Any one know the name/spec of those big bass, ruggedized old school ghetto blasters. The ones that were big and looked like a mini law 94 tube :?:

    My google chi has failed me
  2. Some thing like this?

  3. Damn, you changed the photo link thingy. That's the one I was thinking of.
  4. looks a bit more techno but can't deny its heritage :D

    whats its name and where do I get one
  5. the picture's called JVC Kaboom, so I assume it's something like that?
  6. Sonny - if you think that is old school, you'll hav no idea what this is:

  7. got one of those myself, mines the original green version, looks like a rocket tube, they have a seperate volume control for the bass, its not often you have to turn it up past half way,
  8. I can't fecking find any on the WWW, either they are mega popular or feck all were made and noone bought em

    I'd prefer the first generation plastic green and black job
  9. Sorry fella, was directing my enquiries at the yoof, rather than proper old school

    If electric boogaloo and break dancing on cardboard is your thing I think we are the same age :D

    Half these fcukers have never seen a stereo you can't fit in your pocket
  10. the one you want is the JVC rv b-90 (like mine) they dont seem to make them in 'rocket tube' green anymore i'm afraid. 'space ship' silver only.
  11. Gimp - did you have your own bit of lino to put on top of the cardboard then?

  12. Now that up front big speakered mother is a boom box from the Old Skool. Look into Pioneer and JVC , Sanyo, Sony were going for small in those days.
  13. Feck me, where do i get myself one of those. I'd trade my ipod for one of them anyday. :D
  14. The above is not a ghetto blaster...It's a chav vessel

    This is a ghetto blaster


    Thanks to Mr_C_Hinecap

    Check out the Spike Lee film "Do the right thing"

    The Bloke in the film cuts about with a massive ghetto blaster listening to one song only.

    Public Enemy's Fight the power.

    See here

    Dated, but a good film, and good show of original Ghetto blasters.

    Cheers N_W.