Classic ND

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Viper, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Oh they laughed.........he didn't though!

    What a waster, is statement really shot him in the to speak :lol: :lol:

    He had an ND. Plain and simple. it was an uncleared weapon that thankfully injured only him and not a school kid.

    Be a man Lee, take the ribbing. It really has not started properly yet! :twisted:
  2. Waving a loaded gun whilst instructing a school group?WTF, he´s lucky the students don´t sue him for attempted murder,cnut of the highest order and deserves the jokes made against him;Bet he´s glad he wasn´t doing a demo using a Mac 10!...................slot him and stop his gene pool!
  3. Lets be hones, it is a bloody funny clip :)
  4. Have to agree mac, he stuck his chin out and really got spanked. Would love to have been a fly on the wall when his boss was finding out about the incident. Fan and sh*t seem to be the main 'buzz words' of the day. Bet he is now in a punishment posting in Thule or Guam :twisted: :twisted:

  5. I thought he was about to pepper the ceiling with the rifle! :lol: It makes you wonder how these guys get these weapons out of the armoury with them being uncleared. WTF is the armouror up to?

    At least he was lucky enough to do that in the States. As soon as he'd pulled that Glock out over here he'd have been shot in the head! - probably about seven times at a guess :twisted:
  6. I think he had it 'made safe.' When he picks up the glock, the slide is locked back but he eases springs and apparently forgets that he's got a mag in...oops.
  7. Classic! Needs a spell at the corrective center in Brecon me thinks! Do you reckon he was trained in Dering lines?
  8. supposedly sueing as this clip on the net has made him a laughing stock :lol:
  9. yep watch it again and he actually gets his weapon cleared by someone off screen, question is wheter he had a mag in at that stage or put one in straight after. the most common ND with the SA80 is something similar where the working parts are brought back but the mag is still on, which is why the unload in the bay drills include holding up the mag in your left hand. SMG's and brownings have a similar problem, if I remember rigth you could only fire off the cation when the mag was on, so you had to coc k, clear, working parts forward, load mag, fire off. it was not uncommon again where the "working parts forward" bit was forgotten and BANG. With browning you could stick your finger up but some still used the mag as the finger was too short, In loading bays they started putting browning mags in to stop that happening