Classic Motorcycle and Motorcar Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by cupoftea, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. This is a geriatric bike/car porn thread for those of us who fancy the MILFs, GILFs and old'n'bold beauties of the motoring world.

    I'll start it off with this Velocette, as made by Californian custom bike workshop ACME.

    The donor bike is a 1965 Velocette Venom, probably much like the one below.

    In my opinion Velocettes always stood out because of the art that went into the design of the frame, resulting in a stance that has inherent momentum. It looks like its moving even when its sitting still, something that your Nortons, Triumphs and Vincents never really quite got (nice though some of them are). Harley and Indian sometimes managed to pull it off.

    It can even do plastic-fantastic (nearly) without looking like shite.
  2. That ACME Velocette is a nice looking bike.. I like the Trumpet Thruxton as well.. However Im not sure if the ride would be that comfortable looking at the thin seat and shocks on that second picture with the lid on the seat !! Then again its not really going to be going at warp speeds is it ?
  3. If I went at warp speed on a 500cc single I think I'd probably have a prostate ejaculation or something - (at the risk of derailing the thread already) have you tried any of the modern Thruxtons?

    1965 BMW R60 with an after-market Heinrich Furhmann tank. I really really like the bauble indicators at the end of the handlebars. Rather smelly. :)

  4. I know a friend of mine has a Thurxton and the only thing that he doesnt like about it is that it sounds like "sewing machine" (his words) - but Im sure that an aftermarket zorst would sort that out... As much as I love my Gixxer600 I do love the look of those old cafe racer type bikes... and Im only 38 !!

    @ CupofTea .... what is that car mate ? Cant make out the name on the back of it... looks nice though... V8 ?? Ive always loved the look of these... Dodge Challengers... umm nice ! And of course you have the quintessential Mustang.. another awesome motoring legend....

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  5. Not very obscure (or even obscure) but this has always been the model of car that will be the first thing I buy post lottery win:

    Jag XK 140 DHC


    Oooooh baby.
  6. The Shangri-Las - The Leader of The Pack

    Why did she meet him in a candy store? Surely any self-respecting leader of a pack would be in a biker's bar beating the bejezzus out of a rival?

    Bikers, all softies deep down. :lol:
  7. My all time favourite money-no-object-lottery-win car :D

    1963 Corvette Sting Ray object of beauty indeed.

  8. How do you post blasted pictures? The Photobucket link came out as just a link. As an attachment on the post a reply page?
  9. Not everything that looks old is old ..........



  10. Damn those smart ads, eh?

  11. Damn, how'd you know ? Have we 'met' ? :D

    Wife not let you have a bike, eh ? Ah well, never mind.

  12. :D

    But anyway - my favourite (I used to have one before I moved to Africa - I thought I'd find one here but they're like rocking horse do-do)

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  13. Thats a nice looking machine D-B... how much chrome polish do you have to stick on that of a weekend ! lol ! Just a shame that they had to put a drum brake on the rear.. I know that they were trying to emulate the 60's look but drum brakes ??? Puh-lease !!

    That seat looks comfy though.... Hmm may have to get down to my local Trumpet dealer when I get home I think.... :D
  14. She let me have two. This is one of them:


    Not quite a classic though...