Classic Car Club

Mornin Gents,

just a quick one here, are any of you serving/retired etc interested in getting an ex/still serving forces classic and sports car club up and running in the Krefeld/Elmpt/JHQ area, this would be a pretty loose and informal type of club with a few meets and and a couple of drives in summer.

anybody can become a member as long as they have a classic or sports car, when I say classic or sports car that doesnt mean a Corsa VXR, but it does mean a MK1 ford escort if you get my drift.

I will be at the Rennbahn in Krefeld on Sunday with my Interceptor so if you are in the area you will be in for a massive treat if you like classic cars as there is a meet once a month there in summer months.

Here is a link as to what you can expect.


Krefeld Horse Racing Circuit June 24 2011 - a set on Flickr

Or just drop me a pm.

Cheers lads

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