Class War - Defence vs Government

I saw on the news that - as well as the toady "William" Joyce - the Liabour lierarchy had wheeled out Lord Robertson of somewhere on the West Cost to defend Browne.

Is this now an ideological class war between the New Liabour movement and its supporters and the recalcitrant bourgeois Armed Forces and their supporters?

I believe the crunch point has now been reached. The Armed Forces creak under the intolerable burdens and the MoD happily pretends all is well. The focus of the battle now appears to be the role of Defence Secretary and Scottish Secretary. Everyone knows that it is idiocy and insult to pretend that the jobs can be done together or in "spare time", except for Brown and Browne. STAB Des must be made - through public pressure - to give up the part time Scottish job. The head-in-the-sand attitude of government has to be challenged and overcome in a high-profile battle. If they can be forced to give ground on this issue, then surely further battles can be won?

Note the UOR revelation of Channel 4 news as well: MoD will have to pay 50% of the cost of UORs. (urgent operational requirements....let's just say that the one I was involved in prior to Telic was dealt with less than urgently - as were all - until it had been decided the war was "on" to save a premature Labour rebellion!)
Mr PVR'd, more trouble ahead for MoD and Desmond. Nimrod BoI will be published days from now. The highest single loss of life in both Afg and Iraq will come under media scrutiny. I am heavily involved in this. Just the other day I was talking to a senior MoD official who assured me that a big pot of money was available to the Forces for UOR purposes, no penalty.

Well, that was Monday, as they say a week is a long time in politics. The C4 revalation will hit the MoD very hard. Over £1bn has been spent on defensive measures in recent times. From now on the MoD will have to fund these projects by slashing future procurement.

Brown is a CAUC, of that there is no doubt.

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