class one postings in lincolnshire area???

Discussion in 'REME' started by badgerous, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. hi, im due to finish my class one in march next year and im looking for any postings around the lincolnshire area, as we are buying a house nearby.

    if anyone knows of any or anywhere i can find info that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Maybe if you told us what you will be a class 1 in we could help?

    Not sure there are many army posting round there, maybe some TA. Buying a house and expecting to be able to be posted near it is taking the piss a bit don't you think?
  3. Location location location. Not much Army in and around Linconshire really. 16 regt RA?

    How many senior ranks see where this is going?

    "I'm signing off, the Army is shite, I have to commute xx miles every weekend just to be near my missus/mum/civil partner"
  4. Perhaps he knows something that we don't. After October the army may not be going overses anymore.
  5. i do apologise for not stating i am a B mech.

    im just interested in knowing of places nearby although getting them will be hard work. if anyone does know of any units from experience that would be appreciated.

    and for the record i wont be signing off if i cant get the posting i want, im not the xbox generation you were referring to sparky8.
  6. 170 Engr Gp located in Chilwell, just off M1 junction 25, I went there after my class 1. It was a cracking unit, at the time it was only 3 attached VMs rather than an LAD, I believe it is not much bigger now.

    170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp - British Army Website
  7. Well I never accused you of being XBox generation, however, by the fact you've just come off or are coming off a Class 1 then you are! 8 years max done or so?! Anyway, thats digression for you.

    What happens if you get posted nowhere near there? Thats what Im alluding to. Had loads of lads come into the office wanting to sign off because they aren't close to home. Hope you get what you want and hope you stay in, not trying to stir things up I promise!
  8. Fairly large T.A. unit based in Grantham, not sure if reg's in the same place?
  9. aswell as grantham who dont actually have many regular reme in the workshops its mainly civis and nrps there is 16 regt RA at north luffenham about 4 miles from stamford, there is a reme TA unit in scunthorpe and a det from the medics in grimsby, a company from 3 royal anglian at lincoln and RAF digby may be tri service I cant remember the rest are crab bases with a rareaty of army guys
  10. cheers for all the replies guys, been very helpful.

    sparky8 i know what you mean about lads signing off all the time but im not one of them, i have done my germany posting and random uk posting. just hoping for a little closer to home for a posting.
  11. Well, after all the research and hours spent perfecting my posting preference I got, Northern Ireland. Not quite Lincoln but at least its on the same continent I guess. I must be on that special pile up at Glasgow.
  12. You should have asked for Northern Ireland! :D