Class one Full Screws

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DirtyAndy, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone shine light on the rumour that is floating around that class one full screws (the cream of the corps) are being denied retrades or transfers to other corps, not that anybody would want to ever ever ever leave the beloved corps, just wanted to know if anybody had heard this ARRSE rumour. and by the way did anybody notice the distinct lack of full screw to sgt promotions this year or was it just me throwin my dummy in the corner.
    remember ...your a long time dead..
  2. I didn't notice a distinct lack of promotions, so the dummy/corner option is looking good.

    As far as I know, you only don't get allowed to retrade or transfer if they really need you in place (ie the trade you are in is well under par). I might be wrong, but this deferment can't be indefinite. They are trying to retain you in the Forces/Army/Capbadge so if they prevent you completely, you may just walk.

    Whether or not the other corps'/trade takes you or not is a different matter.

    Edit to add.

    If you have a mooch in the serving soldier bit on the army website maybe on armynet you will find more info if you interested in changing jobs. Failing that have a chat with your local RCMO/CoC.
  3. there was definatly a lack of promotions this year unless your an RS op in which case you would get promoted no matter what.

    theres more than one trade in the corp
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  5. Here is a ray of hope for all you people who cant get promoted, there is going to be a shadow board due to the glorious MCM not putting enough numbers on thier great promotions dartboard.
  6. surely all the tech full screws will be allowed to retrade, thought there was too many of them?
  7. Do techs get promoted off a board at MCM then?
  8. Yes, the board results came out last week (week before?) for Techs, the week after the other trades (ours wasn't ready in time apparently).

    They are trying to get rid of a number of Tech Full Screw/Lance Jacks because they are so overmanned at Class 2 - hence compulsory retrades for repeated failure/failure to take Class One entrance (and rumour of brown lettering).
  9. Where have you been Shell_scrape this has been in for years.

    JBM, the board wasn't late, it always sits seperately.
  10. Furry Muff - someone on here said it wasn't ready in time.

    I wasn't on it anyway :evil:
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  12. I think you will find it is sponsored by crunchy nut.
  13. Go back in time, pass your exams then join as a Tech. Then you'll have a chance of being as rich, good looking and promoted as the rest of us.
  14. Cant see why i would want to admit to being homosexual and retrade to tech?
  15. That isn't a requirement for tech, unlike being a latent homosexual for other trades.