Class - one either has it or one doesn't!

It says I am Established Middle Class... this is odd as my whole life I've be a compete bastard class.

Flawed test is you ask me.


I'm precariat. Whatever the f*ck that means.

I'm quite glad I'm not middle class though - I'd rather be working class or proper posh.


Actually, I fell at the first hurdle because I neither own nor rent a property - I live with my family. My income is virtually nil because I care for an elderly relative. My parents were probably working class, but placed a high importance on education - so I could have gone to university if I hadn't fucked up at school. I like classical music and go to the Proms every year, but I also like rock, jazz, blues, reggae and ska. I like good quality food and clothes, but only drink lager and am quite happy playing darts in my local. And I can alter my accent quite effectively, dependant on who I'm talking to.

Make of that what you will - but I hope it royally buggers up this ill thought out survey. :)
It would seem that the left wing BBC considers me to be Technical middle class. Frankly I am outraged. How dare they insult a licence payer in this way? (Alright I live in Germany at the moment, but I have paid in the past) How can they deny that I am in fact a Technical Aristocrat, doncha know? Bloody BBC........... mumble, grumble, harumph!
Did it honestly, Technical middle class, what a crock of shit.
******* BBC calling me middle class! cnuts, I'm selling the house, ******* off my mates and living in a hedge.
Then re doing it. That'll teach the cheeky bastards
I've just done this test for my three year old son. Turns out he's an idle precariat type, the little snake in the grass - I'm nurturing an apprentice ASBO.

Or this test is fucked.


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Or this test is fucked.
That does seem to be the case. I'm one of your son's filthy Brothers of the Precariat (all hail the Brothers of the Precariat!), I suspect simply because my income dropped when I decided to go back to university. Savings are reasonably high, friends are fairly eclectic and culturally scored high.

The major Top Trumps appear to be income and home ownership.
I remember doing one that decided whether or not you were a chav.

From what I could gather from the results, out of fifty questions the yea/nay seemed to hinge on whether you called your Grandmother Granny or Nan and whether or not you had ever eaten meat from a tin.
Where do you find out what class you are?
The survey just gave me three scores.
I stand to be corrected but I think failure to understand instructions gives you an automatic ranking of "Elite".


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More rumblings from below stairs. I knew no good would come of them taking that common rag the Daily Mail. I gather the two Filipino maids almost came to hair-pulling stations again when Maria Luisa saw Anna Theresa tick the 'opera' box just because she listens to compilations from 'South Pacific' on some piece of modern kit she has. Then Cook had difficulty explaining to the gardener that the lady he meets on his evenings off, who plies her trade outside the Hen and Chicks, does not count as a 'Solicitor'. Although considering the filth that comes into court before me when I am on the bench, prostituting themselves for money on behalf of criminals, I think that village wench has the more honourable job. I gather there is some game called cribbage whish the locals play in the H & C, so I shall give them a cribbage board for Christmas to try and get their minds off such foolishness.
The major Top Trumps appear to be income and home ownership.
Proof that the BBC has a radically different idea of what constitutes 'class' to mine.

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