Class - one either has it or one doesn't!


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I'm elite - though probably in an RAF Regiment sort of way.
Yippee!! Traditional Middle Class

I knew all that hob-knobbing with idiots with degree's, suffering Classical music & 60's Jazz for years and owning a huge house I can barely afford, would all pay off in the end :boogie:

Strangely there's not a single hint of Polenta, Tofu or gay goaty beard's in the house anywhere. :-?


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^don't be daft posh folk have the butler decant it into a suitable silver recepticle once tasted and approved.

ketchup is passed right to left.
Like most of the Queen's officers I knew :)

I appear to fall into the New Affluent Worker Class, despite being twenty years older than the average age for that group...

On the downside you could be 20 years behind the other buggers.


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One gathers that the people below stairs have been playing with some sort of quiz about what they call 'class', but which seems somewhat biased towards hiow much money people have. The butler has been looking rather smug since he was apparently rated 'elite'. I think I have to find out where he is getting his money from. £40 p.a. and all found does not entirely explain it.
It should have been Who Would You Do (& Where)?

Josie Cunningham in Tesco's carpark - You're a chavmong and should be shot.

Katie Price in the back of a stretched limo - You're a stinking pikey and should be shot... twice.

Julia Bradbury in a tent - Good effort. Keep it up - and you probably will.

Lucy Worsley in the drawing room of Blenheim Palace - Top of the Class. You win £100 cash and 5000 avios.


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I'm a member of the Precariat apparently.
I think you'll find it's prosecution not infection.
With the state of some of the street urchins round these parts it's pretty much the same thing.

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