Class - one either has it or one doesn't!

Traditional Working Class but I would have been Established Middle Class before I was made redundant. Amazing what difference a salary makes - I thought it would have been the other way round.
I have no f*cking class whatsoever, which amusingly tends to annoy those well spoken chaps at the other end of the Mess bar ^~
I did the test for a laugh, did it properly and came out as "established middle class" what crap. I'm about as much working class as you can get. But I wonder what they would make of our usual piss up group. Four blokes and wives, amongst them we have, an ex matelot, a lorry driver, a diesel fitter, a bank manager, a cleaner, a middle manager, a food factory worker and an administrator. A good mix and a good laugh.
I didn't lie and got that result, think I need to see more opera and go to the theatre more
I got it too, despite owning a home, which it then says in the synopsis that I don't....

I think I just got that 'cos I said I like jazz.
I couldn't finish the survey...........there was no question about my ability to walk on water! :meditate:
wtf is an emergent service worker?
apparantly thats my class
Oh the irony - at the top of this page is an advert for Primani! And, no, I did not succumb to their competition: 500 of their pounds would not be enough to tempt me to cross their threshold again.

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