Class - one either has it or one doesn't!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Chuffed to bits with the result and I answered it honestly:

    [h=4]Traditional working class[/h]
  2. Got me wrong then, totally.

    Class? I've done two already today, got four more to go.
  3. What a load of bollocks,work it out for yourselves.

    This questionaire would put the likes of Katie Price,Colleen Rooney and,Claudia Winkelman amongst the 'Elite',no hope for me then! o_O
  4. daz

    daz LE

    Result: the class group you most closely match is:
    Elite WTF????
  5. What in God's name does Precariat Class mean? Apparently some people are paid good money to come up with this bollocks.
    As it happens, I came out as Technical Middle Class, but I did lie a bit and refused to acknowledge that I know a few lorry drivers! :)
  6. I'm "Elite", apparently.

    Not that I'm bragging, or anything...
  7. Elite! That's a ******* joke. There's nowt elite about me.
  8. I'm Established Working Class by test and yet by their definition, Technical Middle Class is a perfect fit
  9. I think I ticked too many culture boxes, I'm elite too ...

    • Enjoy high cultural activities such as visiting museums and listening to classical music
    • Went to private school and elite universities
    • Socialise with people who do a wide variety of jobs
  10. Despite being Tech middle class I feel that the traditional left wing bias of the BBC has undervalued me so I want to claim the next one up, whatever that is. (Snob third class?)
  11. Traditional Working Class. No surprise there! :)
  12. The simple test is the best, where do you store your tomato ketchup?

    On the dining table = Working class
    In the cupboard = Middle class
    In the fridge = Upper class

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  13. Emergent service workers - should have lied more :(
  14. Initially it crashed then after a few minutes sorting its self out, it came back with

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