class of soldiers

can anyone tell me where i will get iformation on when a soldier moves up a class in the royal artillery eg, class 3 soilder to class 2 and class 2 to class 1 ?
cheers in advance
verticalgyro said:
It is published on Part Two orders.

I don't know what criteria the RA have for it, but in the REME class 3 comes after Phase Two training, class Two after continuation (ie. at your unit) training and class One after 2-1 Upgraders Course back at either Arborfield or Bordon.

Ask your Bombardier? They'll know.

Part 2 orders went by the board many moons ago!! Best thing to do is have a word with your Bty office initially, they should have the bumpf, Cl 2 is in a lot of cap badges an in house assessment, I think the RA fits into this category (last served with RA in 1985!!)



Any RA RCMO should be able to provid ethis information. I know of one, and he tells me that the rule is 18 months service and pass any RA level 2 C2K course.

Hope that helps.