class III driver(V) course

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CivPlod, May 2, 2011.

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  1. hello,

    my transfer form to move over from the RNR to the TA has been done and I'm going to a field hosp as a Driver/Rad op. (I'm going straight to phase two in case you are wondering why I'm not mentioning any Q's about CMS(V)

    Can anyone let me know what's to expected on the above noted course, is there any driving or is it all tyre kicking, form filling and what's expected from a first parade?

    If I'm posting in the wrong board(although I see there are some questions relating to the reserves on here) let me know and I'll move it to the TA part.

    cheers easy

    CP, the new STAB.
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  4. Dvr Rad Op you say?
  5. Yes. I have a feeling there's about to be a carpet pulled from under my feet here.
  6. If your going to be a Dvr/Rad Op (Driver Communications Specialist is the new name) you need to have B+E driving Licence and be on a Driver Communications Specialst Class 3 course not a Class 3 Driver(V) course for which you need at least a C licence
  7. ahh, I thought you had to do the driving class III course then the Communications class III course, each one being two weeks in duration.
  8. The driving will depend on if you still have your FMT600 or equivalent from the RNR. If you have Land rover entered and the paperwork from you previous unit to support this there may be no need for driver training. If you don't you will need to do a nine day General service drivers course. This may be done in unit e.g. driver training camp or at Grantham. This will be were you will learn to kick tyres and paperwork. The course will also have a Land Rover fam section.
  9. I don't have FMT600. General drivers course it is then. When is the cat C completed then?

    Edit to say the PSAO gave me this as what I have
    to complete course wise, over time.

    CMS(R) excluded from that.
    Class III driver
    Class III rad op

    Class II driver in house modular
    Class II Rad op

    Class I driver
    Class I Rad op

    Is this list defunct/incorrect then?
  10. There is no need for cat C as a driver/rad op/comms expert only B+E. If you want a cat C you would have to join as a B3 driver. You would have to do a cat C course (normaly 5 days) and a two week driver/drops operater course. If you go driver/rad op there is normaly a chance to do cat C latter if you unit likes you or the units has a need for you to drive HGV.
  11. There in lies the quandary, I asked to join as just a driver but was told they had no slots for a driver, only Rad op. However I have been told I won't be used as a communicator just a driver and that they will put me through the class C because they are short of drivers of that class. I thought it would be done in one of the courses mentioned above. Cheers for you advice.
  12. No you can do both half of the troop I am in are Driver Rad Ops and are also qualified Drivers If your unit is a Field Hospital it probably has a combined MT/Radio Troop so doing both is the way they do it. you get your FMT 600 from your unit MT office you can also do in house fam training if your unit has a GSDI (ours is the MTWO)the way to do it would be
    Sort FMT 600
    do Landrover fam
    get B+E (if not already held)
    B3 comms spec course
    then do C liecence
    then B3 driver
    then as your PSAO sugests apart from the fact that B2 comms spec is going to be done via a work book that has to be signed off by your RSI and RSWO and the B1 comms spec course is going to be slightly different to the old one and you may have to attend a short IT course before hand (last i was informed that bit was up in the air) the only reason I would sugest doing the rad op course first is I is one
  13. oh and make sure they put you on the right Driver 3 course as there is a combined DROPS B3 course and just a Driver course so if your unit dont have DROPS make sure they dont send you on that one
  14. Magic,
    at what point on the above list can I stick my hand up and let it be known that i am available for either Herrick or Tosca? I presume I am "trained" once B+E and comms spec course is done and therefor eligible?
  15. As soon as you are a B3 if you want more of a chance to go on herrick do the driver route first as they want drivers more than comms specs on herrick, if its op windsurf that intrests you more it dont mater what trade route you do first but it is always useful doing both makes you more versatile and deployable but if you let it be known that you want to deploy they may try and fast track you threw a few of the courses, my mob sometimes blitz people threw the driver trade route if they want to deploy and have no issues stopping them going