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Does any one have the course dates for the above course at Grantham 2011-12, I said I would get them tonight for a mate, but the PSI/PSAO were both off( before I get the cliched response).

You mean Class 3 Chef and here you go (for your 'mate' of course):

16 Sep - 02 Oct 11
14-30 Oct 11
25 Nov - 11 Dec 11
06-22 Jan 12
03-19 Mar 12

He will require a food handling medical before he attend if he hasn't already had one. If he has any civi catering quals he may be exempt class 3 and can just attend a field catering course to bring him up to class 3 standard.


JD thanks and I knew that one was coming!
He will be( if he comes across) another RNR transferee.
Does the class III also cover the field catering during the two weeks? He doesn't have any civi quals.


War Hero
Yes the Class 3 course covers both in barracks and field catering. If he had civi quals he would have only needed the field catering element.
It is a good course, the first week being kitchen basics, the second week being the field phase. The blokes who came for the second phase on my course were mostly professionals, one was catering for the work force at the Millenium Dome project, and knew one of the instructors via various cooking competitions.

Grantham is a bit of a dive, but its no worse than Aldershot.

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