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Quick question, everyone always goes on about upgrader courses, which people usually mean the 6 month course at Bordon going from Class 2 to Class 1... But what happens with getting Class 2? Is that another course at Bordon to go back to, or is that one assessed by your tiffy at unit?

Any help or incoming welcome. Preferably help.



I'm not sure if its recently changed but you used to be able to be awarded your Class 2 without doing a 3-2 course if you had achieved certain marks on your Class 3 course (in effect being a Class 3 potential Class 2). Post class 3 course you were assessed for 6 months by your unit and, if suitable, you were awarded your class 2.
In the 80's there was the trg school at 1 Corps Troops Wksp at Beilefeld for 3-2 courses, we also did them at 8 Fld Wksp in Colchester. The Bns may even do them now.
I don't know what trade you are S_S1989, but a long time ago Recy Mechs went on a two week training camp to upgrade from class 3 (Even if you were pot class 2 out of Bordon)

Most excellent fun. I do hope they still do it that way.
I'm being edumacated in the ways of Gods chosen few at the moment, and we have been told to expect posting to unit in early-mid January, so if this pays out true (going on EScotias input) I should hopefully have my class 2 by July- August(ish) time next year?
As a Recy Mech you will be expected to go on TTX which is two weeks of hands on training, normally under field conditions (on exercise). As a tech, armourer or VM you have a book which gets signed off by a supervisor (normally your Tiffy or Class 1) once you have completed certain trade specific tasks. Once they are all signed off you should be awarded your Class 2.
Units strive to acieve this for you in 6 months however sometimes this is not the case. I know that some technicians are currently struggling to find write off jobs in their book due to the lack of LRU's being backloaded to 2nd line. This is in turn due to Armoured Vehicles not being used at 1st line.
Sparky8 - granted that the system in place to sign off work books is old and possibly out of date, but guys should not be getting slowed down because we do not have the work to complete the book. It should be up to the units to chase work for the guys to be signed off in time. If the work cannot be found then the book should be signed off anyway. All good line managers/SNCOs should consider it their job to make sure any of their guys are signed off in the normal timeframe and not accept the lack of suitable tasks as an excuse.
Not the youngsters fault the work is not there anymore.
Any youngsters out there who have been waiting for class 2 for more than 6 months should be chasing your line managers for answers, it's your career!!
Sorry did I say that I make the rules or don't indeed chase these things up?!!

Go easy big fella, I'm just letting the original poster know that its not always automatic. A touch of reality to my post
Indeedy, as in fact I have noted that my new unit has a crafty armr who is still cl3 after 8 months.
A good trick would be to try and get on winter repair at BATUS, we sent a couple of Vermin from my last place there, came back as quite experienced class 2's
We went out and found the work for my Class 3 Armr and got him all squared away in under 6 months. This included sending him on attachments to 2 different units to complete various parts of the TPDB. It's not difficult most units are willing to help if they can, you just need to put the effort in and the tradesman needs to understand it's in their best interest.
I have put in for Aldershot and Tidworth for my postings preferences, I'm assuming if i was to get one of these postings it would be to a Bn rather than LAD. Based on this, what is the work load that is actually coming back to Bn these days, all we get are snippets through the grapevine that more often than not contradict each other...
What trade are you secret squirrel?
I have just moved from 6 Bn to 4 Bn.
VM(B)s are heavy in the field companies but there are also guys in Fwd B of the Armd Coys. In the field Coys you do a lot of work as enablers, working on the Bn's kit and the occasional IST. In an Armd Coy you'll be working on the Coy's kit and a little more frequently on ISTs.
VM(A)s are pretty much in the Armd Coys. Again, lots of IST, FRT and work keeping our own ageing A veh fleet on the road.
Rec Mechs have their own platoon in each Armd Coy. Work is steady, lots of chance to get out on the plain and train as well as being there as an ad hock recovery asset for units using Salisbury Plain.
Armrs are a rare commodity in 6 but not so much 4 Bn. Armr, Mtsm & Techs are co-located but work under their own Bn. This brings up some problems with who owns what but its in its infancy and will get ironed out no doubt. Work for each is steady with Armrs doing the most ISTs. Techs are a little under used but in an Armd coy they get the chance to go on WRP, PT & deploy where they are currently being used on equipment such as Cortez, Remover & Revivor.
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