Class 2 payrise?

Can anyone explain the deal with the apparent payrise when you get your class 2 as a armourer? All I've heard is there is some form of payrise but not a clue what it is. Sexual favours may or may not be given for answers.
And do armourers go up onto the higher payband or do we get kept locked away in the basement? Useful that I couldn't get a answer from anyone in training about that. =|
you will defo get locked away in the basement with a bunch of cellar dwellars. as for high band, are not all cfn low band? a disgrace, pay 2000, what is the point in having a trade?

fact .....young normal lad joins army as armr, does trg, gets locked in cellar with bunch of strange gun worshiping men, becomes a strange gun worshiping man, and the cycle goes on.
Ahh I'm happy locked away with all the guns, that I can live with. While up doing my driving at leconfield one of the full screws claimed the last armourer he knew had a room full of knives and was most likely insane. I probably didn't help my trade by showing him my collection of pointy objects. :)

From what I hear the Army is having trouble retaining VMs Rechy Mechs and probably never enough of us weapon breakers around anyway and yet they insist on keeping us all on the lower paybands. The first tech who comes in to remind me he is higher payband gets spanked. :p
hard to generalise with the tech spankers, had many a good un on my arv. plenty of banter, tie them up, kidnap at 2nd line, but had them up to nipples in ice cold wetter giving me a hand. i have never argued that the cells they have up top is worth a penny a too more. take your extra money you spankers, come crew my arrv, bring some beer, stow as you go, fix my arv and the sqn's kit, i will bring you a brew in the dark hours on the point, but expect a little banter and a little persecution.
Pay 2000 - where the REME showed the rest of the Army it couldn't be bothered to fight for trade pay. Fcuking red-letter day in the history of the Corps that was.
Rockstar said:
vampireuk said:
The first tech who comes in to remind me he is higher payband gets spanked. :p
I'm on higher payband... :)
B*stard :)

its not a payrise - your increment due date comes a year forward instead and yes I know its balls
Complete and utter balls I think is more accurate, what is the point in having a bloody trade if you don't get paid accordingly. Excuse me whilst I go sharpen some bayonets.
all you get is an increment rise on getting class2, still low band till you get promoted. you then go to level 5 high band..
and yes you do have to do sexual favours, and get locked away in a cellar like any good weapon polisher should

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