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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BinaryWarfare, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Any updates on the civi quals you can get out of the course? And how the exams are being paid for? Or when the first one starts...?

    Ask my CoC? I did... they don't know either...
  2. I put something on but it was aimed at a recruiting stance. Nevertheless, I posted details of City & Guilds and NVQ bits'n'bobs.

    There has been a bit of back-pedalling regarding the system paying for exams, however at the moment it is being batted back and forth between various offices. This is mainly due to a combination of "well it's not coming off my budget matey", but also the running costs of having an in-house Prometric testing centre. If I hear any further I'll stick something on here, but it's all a bit woolly at the mo.
  3. Cheers for that.

    I don't think anyone should bemoan paying for their own exams. After all, the training's free, and the quals worth a lot more in civi street if someone wants to get out a few years later.

    Mind you, the typical squaddie mentality is "GIMME GIMME! RAPE THE TAX PAYER FOR ALL WE CAN GET!!!" And there's now't wrong with that either. :p
  4. One other positive thing. Because the instructional team at Blandford are accredited as (or on the way to becoming) Microsoft Certified Trainers, there is some scope for engineers to get reasonable discounts off exam fees in the event that they need to pay for their own exams. Not quite sure if there's a Cisco equivalent, but the FofS course is doing CCNA at the moment so I might ask around to see what they've been told.
  5. What has your sexual persuasion got to do with this?
  6. It's the most compromised OS because it's the most widespread OS, not because it is inherently insecure. Ubiquity is a difficult pedestal to balance on. Every OS is vulnerable to zero day exploits, as well as badly managed systems, just ask the wizards at MODCERT. Security is a multi-layered beast and the OS is only one of the "onion layers" within.

    The choice of which IT systems are used throughout defence is a strategic decision taken by all sorts of boffins and they test all the systems using various trials that go on, such as CWID ( where they get top security industry analysts in to do in-depth evaluation of system risks etc. So not only is it analysed, it's tested and evaluated then constantly monitored by various agencies. It's not like some bloke in HQ SOinC(A) or RSS thinks "y'know what - I think we should change the DII programme to run on Solaris/Windows/Linux/Apple Mac/Citrix". It's way above that payscale.

    The problem with "HolocOSt deniers" (see what I did there?) tends to be Unix snobs who insist that only their system can possibly be secure, but it also tends to be those same Unix snobs who are the biggest theat to systems, mainly through mis-guided arrogance but also sometimes malice. These are the same people who cling to the mantra "knowledge is power, this is my system", never write anything down, make it difficult for us to share tacit knowledge, rule by fear and inevitably end up as a single point of failure, demanding disgusting amounts of money for their inevitably unique knowledge. Those people are a bigger threat to our country's security than the well-intentioned efforts of Gates and Co.
  7. As an aside, M$ are still running second shot until the 30th Jun 09 if anyone is interested in taking any of their exams.

    Second Shot Offer
  8. done my 70-270(xp) & 70-290(2k3 network environment)
    got my 70-400(scom) for tuesday week
    and 70-291(2k3 network infrastructure) in april
    then i'll be nebapneb, MCSA whoopee!

    i do think it takes the piss that you guys have to pay for the exams
    as here in NHSland we can claim the fees back :roll:
  9. Not true, our company does lawful interception on carriers, telcos and ISPs etc. All of our servers use Win 2k3 and these are recording millions of calls per hour. These win 2k3 servers are also processing web data/email and all do it quite happily. We are not quite a one man band we are a top 20 software comapny with a $2billion+ turnover a year.

    We switched from unix 9 years because of the improvements made in server.

    Windows can be as secure as UNIX it all depends on the architect/admin
  10. I used a SLC to pay for 3 of my exams towards my MCSE. These were voucher exams from a training company. Just had to pay for the other four!
  11. I used my ELC's to get my MCSE & CCNA with exams and got a great discount from the provider, however this week I have been told that I am not entitled to claim any money back from SLC's with regards to my Cisco Wireless course as they dont see it as a recognised course.
    Let's hope that when I do my CL1 CS Engr they will be an ATC then I can really spank the system for discount exams.
    For cheap MS Exams any MCSE Cert can get 20% discount and also if you take advantage of the 2nd Shot then it's a bonus.
  12. That sounds a bit unfair. I thought that your local AEC were the sole arbiters of what is acceptable, completely different to the ELC scheme. Who did they say was in charge of what courses count as eligible?
  13. I again spoke today with the AEC and this time I got through to the right person rather than the chimp who was in the office at the time.

    I explained that the exam was part of an overall accreditation and that the exam was in the next finacial year (by a day) as I have already utilised this years SLC's. I was told that the confusion was that the person was thinking it was in the same year of my previous claim. (mmm I think a little blag was given here).

    It's a shame that people are put off by their first response rather than persevere till it's pi55's someone off lol.