Class 1 Tech Civvie Quals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by BinaryWarfare, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. What civvie qual do you get when you complete your Class 1 Tech course (no Cornflake packet jokes, ta very much)?

    The Army website mumbles something about an "EdExcel BTEC National Diploma in Engineering", but I'm not inclined to believe that their fill is current (other gems on that page include "you will specialise in either radios or digital systems" MOCK!!!).

    "Ask your ToT/FofS/Mum" ain't an option, stuck in EyeRack and no-one here has the answer...

    What's more, what does this qual actually mean to an employer in the real world?

    Ta very much peeps.
  2. means quite a bit in civvi street, the HND is a good qualification on it's own but employers love the mil background, you can spout BS about being well disciplined able to work as a team or unsupervised blah blah blah. The HND is viewed well above any of the BTECs and being a HND indicates you've been in full time education (HNC is part time). make sure you get hold of the certificate as you'll have a bitch of a time getting a replacement out of edexcel (and part with £75)
  3. Isn't the qual awarded for T1 a HNC? Not a HND.
  4. I know it's HND from harrogate but I thought T1 was as well, may be HNC as T1 is only 12 months???
  5. Harrogate, as was, gave out a BTEC, but I don't think that was a HND either. The FoS course used to get a HND.
  6. The T1 is now a HNC course as I had one of the weasels gobbing off about it at me in Tiffs the other week.
  7. It poses the question " has anyone actually seen or been given the certificate" or is it just rumour controll, as is a lot of cases.
  8. One was sitting on my troop desk for one of our techs who'd just completed his T1
  9. I have, to both initial questions. So no to last one.
  10. So... we've just about established that you get a "HNC". :p Let's do this the easy way; Pretend I know nothing (told you it was easy).

    Firstly, what is a "HNC"?

    Secondly, what does it mean to a prospective employer in civi street?
  11. OK
    When i done my T1 back in 97-98 it was only a Btec OND in engineering.

    For civvi side of things it actually proves youve attained a certain standard in your education in one particular field. like with most things though education is one thing, but you also need the experience to back it up.

    To be honest though with, you most of the people in the Telecomms industry are ex forces anyway, predominatly ex signals, i know when i walked into a Telco in the UK for the first time there was 7 people i had worked with in the forces there, so 9 times out of 10 they know the score and ask did you do your T1 etc... then for the rest of the interview is the rest of it is talking about what so and so is up to these days.

    The Quals mean more to recruitment agents rather than interviewer of the job, as they have a set criteria they look for and do word search on prospective CV's.
    The Quals go in order (lowest to highest ignoring all other quals)
    OND (National diploma)
    HNC (Higher National certificate)
    HND (Higher national diploma)

    Hope this is of some help.
  12. HNC = Higher National Certificate.

    They have changed the levels and names in recent years, but if you look at the National Qualifications Framework a HNC is broadly between A-Levels and a degree. The HND (Higher National Diploma) that the FofS course earns is (I believe) just below a degree in formal qualification terms.
  13. Pretty sure a FofS gets a Masters Degree - I'll ask ours later and confirm if no one else has
  14. Finished my T1 in 04.
    I got HNC and BTEC.
    You can fail the HNC and still get the BTEC (class 1 pass).
    YofS get HND.
    FofS get Masters degree.
  15. It appears that my comment about HND above is out of date, however the information here suggests that FofS get a BSc, not a masters. Any advance?