Class 1 ptarmigan op course

scaryspice said:
I think msr is right.....
God I hate officers that know their stuff :D

So does that mean I should warn my guys off or is intelligent mobilisation going to rule

(plse PM if otherwise)



I hope intelligent mobilisation will rule..... However any TA soldier who has not thought about "what if" is living a bit dangerously these days don't you think?

I should be clear that I don't have some special inside info on this one - simply what I have heard on the vine of the grape and we all know how wrong that can be don't we? I think you need to rely on what your chain of command tells you Polar 8O


There is a course planned for March (ish) 06. Currently undersubscribed (what's new?) but Blandford are currently doing a trawl to add numbers in good time.

polar69 said:
Damn not much good for me
because you need to do a camp next year for your Bounty? Why are TA courses placed in daft times of the year, I've done 4 weeks in camp training this year and done all my ITDs and I've not qualified (yet) for my bounty - a long weekend this month partly sorts that.
Got it in one, having a TA course in March is daft, no one can afford to wait with their fingers crossed until march, what if it get cancelled ? April would be good, I may get paid for it by august if I'm lucky
I knew what the course situation was like an jumped on the first course this year (suprisingly well attended), so I didn't have to wait another year.
While down at Blandford learned the next course I wanted to take was running (after the last being cancelled) so went on that as well (didn't want to wait 1-2 years).

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