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can any one help i recieved my infantry class one pay in 1995 and transferred to a corp as a lance jack in 1998 last year i completed my class one in my trade as a full screw everyone else recieved there class one pay except me and jumped a few pounds a head in there wages pay staff just say glasgow are the ones dictating just like to know if i can put a spanner in the works any help would be much appreciated.
What is shown on your pay statement under Accelerated/Medical Incremental Progression?? I guess NIL and NIL in which case you are yet another casualty of pay 2000 - as you were already CL 1 on transferring to pay 2000 you will probably find that you had no accelerated progression available wheras the other people on the course were possibly attaining CL 1 for the first time and therefore gain accelerated progression. The only gain you will have made is a qualification you need for promotion.
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