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Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Not concrete yet but I think I may have to make this decision. Im due to deploy in 4 weeks.

    I want to do my class 1 for obviouse reasons and if I dont do it puts me a year behind my peers and delays any MTI posts that I wanted.

    I want to do the tour, Ive been screaming out for a tour for the 5 years I've been in and this is the first one I've got and possibly the last for a good few years.

    I think the right decision is to do the class 1, but I'm, leaning towards the tour.

    Its a TSS class 1 btw, 6 weeks long, so realy dont understand why I cant just fly back for it but thats the rules now.
  2. The class 1 everytime, dont worry our politico friends will soon find a new playground for touring, brush up on your Farsi and a touch of Syrian local dialect might serve you well in the future, seriously though to me it is a no brainer, in terms of gaining qualifications and with an eye to your long term future go on the courses everytime.
  3. I thought it was 4 hours on the Defence Learning Portal!

    If you are due to deploy in 4 weeks, is the choice really yours to make?

    I'd probably do the tour.

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  4. Class thing I and just about everyone on the forum will agree on is that no one looks after your career but you!!

    Tours will come along, putting yourself on the back foot in your career will never do you any good.

    Finish the Class 1 and then scream some more to go out on will happen.
  5. Thats why I said the right decision is the class 1. Im with a good look on this years full screw board, I have 3 High Recomendations for Instructional duties, once im a class 1 the whole MTI side of my trade opens up, I dont wanna be put a year behind my peers, I think a 5 year full screw is a good shout, and its the right decision looking to future and the rest of my career.

    But I dont want to go to a phase 1 without operational experience, its hard not to overlook all that money, Ive waited 5 years for a tour and by the looks of it I cant see any ground ops in the next 5 years.
  6. I would differ. Surely, another course will come up in the near future after you have finished your tour. Many years ago, I was given the choice of 6 weeks in Guyana or a driving cadre in the UK. I took the Guyana experience on the basis that I no doubt would never have another chance in my life to go there again. It was the right choice. I enjoyed the jungle training and had a great time in Georgetown with a rather very pretty local girl. We even got to travel by boat up the Essequibo river and trek into the interior to the Kaieteur falls, definately a once in a lifetime experience. I took a driving cadre a year later in Cyprus where I passed my test.

    Of course an operational tour in Afghanistan would be an entirely different kettle of fish but it will still be an experience that will have an effect for you in terms of your own operational experience, what you get out of that personally and what you can pass on to your colleagues who haven't had that experience. It's presumably what you joined for as well if you have been waiting five years to get on a tour.

    I'd do the tour, another driving course will come along but of course, at the end of the day, you have to make up your own mind.
  7. are you reme? its not a driving course, its a class 1 lol.
  8. Go on tour. They can re-teach you to hold a pencil, count to 10, and shut the stores shutters next year.
  9. With a username called rgjbloke, you wouldn't think so I'd thought?

    Class one always mean't a class one driving license to me. I obviously should keep my nose out of stuff I know nothing about. :)

    Edited. I was a class one Rifleman but the qualifications were short practical occasions and didn't interfere with what you needed to do on operations etc.
  10. Didnt even look at your username to be honest, yeah a class 1 course is a trade proffeciancy course basicly, but you cant progress any further in your career till you have completed it. For example a class 1 for a VM is 11 months, but for me being a technical noreman its only 6 weeks.

  11. I thought something similar, and went and left the army.......2 years later all hell broke loose in Afghanistan.
  12. But now I dont think the goverment has the money or appetite for it.
  13. You may be right.....however, I don't think so. The yanks will kick something off and our stupid politicians will get us involved unlike those wise ones that didn't get us involved in Vietnam. Of course theres discussions about Somalia and Syria and we aren't leaving Afghanistan in the next 6 months. Even if "combat" troops pull out next year, NATO will have a mission here for quite a while I would imagine and troops will still be required here. The world has become a much more volatile place and unfortunately I don't think our sitting on the side lines is an option.
  14. Well could be emergency anyway. Just found out they are trying to sort it out so I still deploy but fly back for the class 1. Which is the best result, because other people had been told to make the decision I persumed the same would be done with me. Will have to wait for some concrete awnsers over the next few days.
  15. Class 1 course first or it could career fowl you, having a number of my fitter section due Class 1 courses some chose to do the tour but then had to wait an age to get loaded on another Class 1 course which prevented promotion. You say you can't do both, surely there is some kind of scope to split a tour or pencil this in, I know that a number of our workshop came back early to do courses/P Coy etc so maybe chat with your Tiffy/OC to see if they can make other arrangements. Been out of trade for 3 years now so not sure of new policiesonly going on what i did with my lads. Are you sure a coverall stackers class 1 is 6 weeks...what do you do for the other five weeks????