class 1 Operators Course 23rd Feb - 9th March

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by watto135, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Any Fellow arrsers on the course

    Any one got any ideas on what the new course will entail

    cheers Watto
  2. If it's only two weeks then does that mean lots of beer tokens?
  3. PD

    dont really know got a some sort of JI's through that says not need for doss bag or webbing or helmet, but bring cold weather kit.

    most exercise stuff is classroom based !!! take that as you will i dont know what to expect now
  4. I've not seen anything official (and I've been trying) but Cpl J mentioned ECDL topics on his course and polar69 mentioned sharepoint. So I'd expect many IT lessons, maybe a bit too basic, I hope I'm wrong.

    If you think someone is treating the TA with contempt please let me know, I've a suspicion that one of the instructors is the sole cause of the crap TA class 1 courses. He's survived years of complaints.
  5. Did mine a couple of years ago and this was the case. On the course there was a mixture of skill levels on computer. I use one everyday as part and parcel of my job so lessons on how to use word, excel and powerpoint were not exactly riviting. There were a few of us who spent the best part of three days playing solitaire and drinking brews. I came off that course with a 30 a day coffee habit!
  6. guy in my troop just finished a 3 week course.

    PM me and ill give you his work no
  7. A number of them were lifted from the regular BSS/Class 3 RSTO's and the same paragraphs were randomly placed into TA RSTO's such as AS OP class 3, RS Op Class 1 and YofS(V).
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    This is NOT the same course as anyone did "a few years ago". It's a new course. Don't listen to anyone who tells you what cr@p their course was because it will be irrelevant.

    You won't find details on some website you can click on on the internet - surprise, surprise. However details of the course are on the SOinC(A) intranet which you can access at your TAC or get your PSI to print off for you.

    born_to_soldier - you're not talking about the same course clearly since this isn't a 3 week course.

    Polar - not everyone is employed in IT so yes I expect some of the course might be "a bit basic" for you - but we don't make assumptions about peoples' civvy jobs.

    They aren't called RSTOs any more. Haven't I explained all this before?

    I'm going to stop replying to these threads because I don't know why HQSOinC(A) bothers to put out any information. No-one reads it, no-one bothers to look on the intranet for it and no-one passes it down the chain of command. You'd all rather ask on a "rumour" site and believe whatever anyone says.

    I give up with the TA Corps I really do.

    watto - this is not aimed specifically at you! Drop a PM to polar69 who went on the Dec course and ask him about it. He can actually speak from a position of authority as he's been on the same format of course as you are going on. I hope you enjoy it too!
  9. coooooooeeeeee
  10. cheers Scarey

    Just not much info sent through at my end, thats all Intranet whats that no Seiously only kidding we dont get access but polar might be able to get access for me.

    thanks any how looking forward to it
  11. Why not? Many details of regular IS Eng training and TA trade training is available on the internet (ArmyNET)

    WTF! Your saying being able to use the internet, intranet, sharepoint etc is advanced/class 1 skill????? Its ironic you then moan about nobody using the HQSOinC(A) intranet site.
  12. I didn't say my Class 1 course was cr@p. Infact for the most part it was an enjoyable course and I learned a lot. EW, OJT and the ex phase were good I just pointed out that some of the PC stuff was very basic. IMO too basic for Class1.
    The original poster asked if any Arsers had been on the course and what it was like, he got some answers much like if he were to ask his muckers in the bar. If he is going on his Class 1 he will have been in long enough to know that courses evolve/change regularly.
    I'm not employed in IT but lessons on excel, word and powerpoint? How basic do you want it? If people are getting this on Class1 training then surely there is a massive skills gap in Class 3&2 soldiers.

    Getting info from Blandford before a course is difficult at the best of times. In my experiance every time I have been on a course there has been little information prior to the course of content.

    Hang the fcuk on you just said to NOT to get info from a "rumour" site yet your directing him to do just that. Isn't it supposed to be passed down the CoC from HQSOinC(A)?

    Look for some reason people don't get the information before there course or they just want a bit of an insight from others who have completed the course. The same as if someone was going on ops would ask what it was like. This has happened in bars in TA Centres and NAAFI bars long before this site existed. Don't get over excited about it. If anyone has any sence they know to take everything said with a pinch of salt. Courses/Ops change.

    Anyway, watto hope you enjoy the course. Let me know what it was like :wink:
  13. The original poster asked if any Arsers had been on the course and what it was like, he got some answers much like if he were to ask his muckers in the bar. If he is going on his Class 1 he will have been in long enough to know that courses evolve/change regularly.[/quote]

    Contray to scaries (and class 2-1 workbook V1.3) advice, Formal Training Statement 3307 is not available online. The only class 1 FTS available to download is the new techs one

    The ArmyNET SOinC(A) site is well out of date, as is the main TDT (SOinC(A)) both point to old trades. The TA section is current but missing the doc above, also try this ArmyNET Sharepoint
  14. Guys, there were no office applications taught on my course
  15. Not the point now!! I just bit at the "I give up with the TA" comment only for scary to advise watto to ask someone on here not the CoC!