Class 1 Infantryman Badge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TIGER-MONKEY, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Someone recently mentioned to me that there is such a thing as a badge for the class 1 infantryman. He stated it is an upright bayonet.

    When I became a class 1 infantryman back in 1982 we did not have any badges for it, nor did anyone else in my battalion wear one. Is this a new thing or is he just misinformed?
  2. I think its quite old but has never really been made a big thing of until recently: it is worn on the lower right sleeve of No 2 Dress etc; where the junior brecon badge/mortar badge goes.

    When the Rcts pass out from ITC(C) they wear No 2 Dress with the badge on.
  3. Been out a long time (retired in 1984) though the only badge I recall being awarded to infantry NCOs successfully completing Brecon, Hythe/Warminster (infantry platoon weapons), or Netheravon (A/Tk or Mortar instructors) was that given to those who passed the course with an 'A' or 'B' grade - crossed rifles - which were worn above the chevrons on the right sleeve.

    Never saw a first class infantryman's badge (though I like the idea). I do remember Guardsmen Permanent Staff at the old Guards Depot Pirbright wearing a 'Trained Soldier' badge on their right upper arm.

    One of the prerequisites for an infantry private soldier to attain Grade 1 back then (apart from the skills tests - APWA, CFT, APFT, First Aid, Basic Signals etc.) was to have served three years. Is it still so?
  4. I left the Army in 1997 and i wore a 1st Class Infantrymans badge.
    A Bayonet surrounded by laurel leaves, i got mine after passing my upgrade cadre after 2 years in the Bn.
    Back then when we still wore wooly pullees we wore it on the right arm of working dress.

  5. we too used to wear the class 1 badge in the mid 90's... then moved to anti-tanks and had to wear that badge instead...

    boys scouts badge if you ask me..
  6. Upright bayonet is Combat Infantryman ISTR. i.e. you've passed CIC. Class 1 was a Laurel around the bayonet.

    Was there ever a class 2 CI badge?
  7. Bondi - and I remeber we told you to take it off coz you looked like a boy scout! 8)
  8. ha ha ha ! A very good looking Boy Scout !

    The Army has a thing for badges at the moment. Brigade insignia is back in fashion in a big way as are Regimental flashes and the likes.

    When we were Airmobile we also used to wear rank on our helmets as well as name tags and Brigade flash and Minden flash.

    I see some units in Iraq are wearing bright unit flashes on their helmets.
    The Fusiliers and Royal Irish to name but two. :D
  9. Bondi - they should have let you go into Boz with all those badges - it would have made our job esaier coz they would have been falling about laughing!
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    Sew some badges on my jumper for me, i have crossed doss-bags !
  11. 115 - and counting!

    Richo - check your messages will ya?
  12. Les,

    Already did, check yours and fire away with the questions.

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  14. I seem to recall that a policy directive came out in the very early 90's saying that everyone was to wear a trade badge. Blokes always had the CEQ of Inf Soldier before that, but DInf introduced "Rifleman" as an EQ (or SEQ) and that's what the badge initially indicated. Mind you there was lots of confusion about it and very few Battalions got their guys to wear it in the early days.
  15. I may be wrong, but I thought class two inf had a upright bayonet, class one was cross bayonets and the junior and senior brecon courses were indicated by the same with laurel leaves around, the single bayonet for junior, crossed for senior.