Class 1 Course report


I'm after some help trying to find this report, been told its 2020E and it should have been done at the end of my course, Anyone know who would hold something like this in Bordon as all the training staff I knew are gone. Spoke to my CoC and my assistant RCMO and even a nice Q man from glasgow at the roadshow and still had no luck. Any help is much appreciated

Look on DII, find the phone number for someone who works in validation at Bordon, phone them. It aint difficult. Top 10% of the army? Jesus!
Cheers zapped, good advice. Glad you can help me on this, I posted asking for help not some crap comment making me out to be a cnut. Top 10 percent and all that eh old bean. If you don't have something usefull to say feck aff out of it.
You're a class 1 and you can't even sort your own admin out, how are you meant to advise the billies?? Maybe it's you or maybe it's the training....if the cap fits???
You mean yer dont know if yerve passed or not Thats all it ferkin counts fer.
I dont think even in this day and age they include such details that you were banging some PSIs wife during yer stay .

I'm after some help trying to find this report...... Spoke to my CoC and my assistant RCMO..........

I am more concerned that you have to resort to a website when you have spoken to your CoC....why are you not banging on your OC's door every day asking him what he is doing about this? Is your RCMO same capbadge? If not he wont give a toss if he is....he wont give a toss.....Where is your Tiffy in all this......AQMS.....ASM?
Jay, I believe this is a common occurrence, I had to deal with Seme regarding one of my soldiers 2020E .
Ring your old Platoon admin office and/or the Admin officer and they should be able to help. If you need numbers ping me a Pm and I'll have a look for you.
And ignore the sarcasm above it's normal on here.......


I'm glad I am in the bottom 90% Mind you when I was with 3 Field Wksps in Tidworth they ran a potential tiffy course and due to lack of numbers I, a newly promoted RLC full screw and a MT LCpl were spammed to take part in the "Team" events and command tasks.

We were the only 2 to turn up for the night navigation exercise with torches.....................

Dont ******* talk to me about top 10%!!!!

Recovery Mechanics are the only ones worth a **** mate!
Why the feck do you give a rats arse about some crappy report from your class 1? If you have just finished your class 1 then you still have loads to learn anyway, as the course gives you more in depth understanding, but you learn more from doing the fecking job! A report saying you did a really, really good job in diesels and got 96% in your mult-choice test isnt going to get the OC shooting his load in his pants everytime you walk past his window...! SJARS are what you should worry about, i can only guess this is so your OC can see the the report and see what a good little student you were on your class 1 and write you a report saying little Johnny did really well and applied himself on his recent class 1 course, if i could have it my way i would have him posted here as my new ASM.....NOW!!
If you started your Class 1 course after June 2010 then you should be given a 2020E. If you started before it you will not receive one. Just give your old Pl office a call and discuss it with them. Send me a PM and I can send you the contact numbers

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