Class 1 Badge

I know this is going to be emotional but.....

Would Class 1 tradesmen (inc TS Spec) like to have a badge that could be worn to show that they are Class 1? I know there is a perfectly good Hammer and pincer item available and a particularly attractive A or B in a wreath, but Sgt Artisans are not allowed to wear them, so....... any thoughts? :? :?
More badges?
Money, time wasted, dress regs, uniformity, and the fact that we already look like boy-scouts as it is are naming but a few of the reaons against for me.

Why the hell do we need another badge - Artisans, Gawd Bless 'em all, are distinguished by their lack of a badge and most of them I've met like it like that as they are lazy b'stards who dont want to have to put a badge on in the first place (their own admission, not my words!).

There are more important things to think about than this sort of stuff surely?

Back on your heads now.
:evil: heres a thought ........BORE OFF!

there are enough idiots(certain VM's i have met) in the REME crying about who gets to wear which badge .......waste of time .Heres an idea .. all trades should have trade badges as well with little pictures on them with smilie faces saying :D i fix tanks ..... :D i fix landrovers .... :D i love guns etc etc etc

we should have


Airborne/Commando( they earned them bless em)

spend the money on something more useful
whatnow? said:
Heres an idea .. all trades should have trade badges as well with little pictures on them with smilie faces saying :D i fix tanks ..... :D i fix landrovers .... :D i love guns etc etc etc
Can I have a badge with " :D i love trains " on it?!?!!? 8)


A new Stable Belt, TRF, Class 1 badge, is Baden Powell working at DEME (A)? With the amount of fecking badges he would be as well to. Is there a contact number at Arborfield for the badge desk because I need to get my “Haven’t had a fcuking bonus badge” The ironic thing about it all is the Tiffy badge in every other walk of life identifies an Artisan.

Say no more

:x :x :x :x
Its all wheel reinvention stuff this - the TRF is based on the old one we had when we were born, the belt will be the same as the old one from the same period no doubt and no doubt at some point in the mists of time there was prolly a badge to distinguish the jolly old artisan as well.

Why the ferk we cant just leave things alone is beyond me - this insessant need to tinker with things has worn me out of the last 23 years and I'll not miss it at all - and dont for one second anyone mention the 'progress' word - its not. Its pointless time filling rubbish at a point in the Corps history when it has far more pressing issues to deal with.

Loonies the lot of em.
to add a little boredom the offiicial line is that no-one is allowed to wear the hammer pincer thing unless you are artificer trained, in the old days you had to pass a class 2 test at local workshops to get it on the bottom of your sleeve - not dissimilar to the scaley flags - then after passing class one it moved to above the rank showing you had the noggin to teach, this still runs true for most quals in the army but the reme fubared it only the tiffys get the badge now.....
VMA 78, the hammer and pincer badge (when worn by SNCO) is a badge of appointment, not of qualification. I believe this has been the case since REME was born.

When worn by JNCO / CFN it is a qualification badge.

Who cares what other Corps do?

I wasn't taught to teach on either my metalsmith or armourer Class 1 courses - where did that come from? The hammer and pincer bage is worn by class 2 tradesmen, so the teaching comment is irrelevant.
From someone who has just changed brigades , yet a fooking gain, badges are ass, sew this here, sew that there, I need no more badges, and at least thoes ones are square and easier to sew on , the fooking trade one is all wriggely and a nightmare, never worn one , never will ................nothing to proove and never will have as far as stupid badges goes , all done with my knowlege and my hands.Badges, bunch of ass!
Set of stripes and occasionally I might put my beret on. What else do you need? Oh yeah- a set of covies, tied around the waist with the dirtiest green/ brown tshirt you can find. Dit spun
The badge of a Class 1 REME tradesman is the quality of his work,and the zest he goes about it.
Who cares about a badge at 0230 hrs while lying under a Land Rover in some wet forest in Germany.
Have you seen the quality of the billies passing upgraders lately. Maybe we should have a badge to distinguish between them and the recruits in holding platoon!!
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