Clasp to LSGC??

Discussion in 'Medals' started by buggrit, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Im asking this on behalf of a friend...
    The story is, he has done 26 years with the RAF then joined the MPGS. He is now close to his 30 year point and the clasp for his LSGC.
    He obviously has the RAF LSGC, would he be given an army clasp, a RAF clasp or given an army LSGC instead of a clasp? Obviously the RAF LSGC is completely different to the army one so any help with an answer would be great.
  2. Isn't the LS&GC clasp the same for all branches of the services? I thought it was.
  3. All different strangely enough...



  4. I really don't know, but I think he will just get the clasp.

    I know of a guy who did get the LSGCM for the Navy and the Air Force, but I heard that he did 15 years in each.
    Or maybe that's just one of those rumours.
  5. Might be worth asking someone in his unit admin office maybe, or giving the medal office a ring
  6. I had the RN LS&GC (RM) and then spent 3yrs with the AAC which qualified me for the bar, after much discussion with the Medals and Admin office they gave me an RN bar. I think it was down to where I had spent the majority of the qualifying period.
  7. Thanks Timex, I think thats solved the problem for him.
  8. Thankfully this thread has solved a problem for a mate of mine who transferred to MPGS a few years back - He didn't think he'd qualify for the LSGC at all. A couple of anecdotes here suggest he's in with a realistic shout of getting it should he apply for it. Cheers.
  9. I served 32+ years only being discharged this April (2012). I was an LE Officer but does anyone know if i would be entitled for a bar on my LS&GC or do you have to have remained an OR to get the bar? I just want to get all my medals sorted and mounted as there wont be any more!
  10. I believe that you have to have served for at least 7 years In Ranks after the initial award in order to be eligible.
  11. Well i did my full 22 before being commissioned so that should be OK, anyone know who and how i apply for it?
  12. My old QM wrote to the Medal Office via the CO.
  13. If you were eligible (which looks likely), I would have thought you should have been Gazetted for this. Have you looked yourself up?
  14. Wouldnt even know how to! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.