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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Why is the “Knife Clasp” not on issue anymore?
  2. er... its is. little sliver things with a yellow lanyard.

    sorry don't have the NSN i'm out at the COB and my good numbers book is in my store back in the uk,

    I could find it out tomorrow if you want?
  3. like garfield said it is available,but to be honest its a bit of junk.Got a leatherman issued about a year ago thats a very good bit of kit
  4. When did they start issuing them?? or are you at it??
  5. Ray Mears would have you believe that they're Wonderful (clicky) :D
  6. Jesus, 18 quid! I've got three hanging around, I'll accept fifty quid the lot!
  7. I got issued the cheap one with no boyyle opener and the colour-boy tried to sell me a lanyard to go with it. Cheeky get, I didn't know it came issued.
  8. I have one sat on my desk dated 2007

    NSN is 5110-99-301-0301

  9. He's not at it, I got one through the system on Telic 7.
  10. Got mine on me - NSN 7340-99-975-7402.

    Made by 'JR' in 1979 (the year I joined up!).

    I suppose he made them when he wasn't drilling for oil.

    It doesn't have the big **** off spike on it though. Always wondered what that was for.....................
  11. Apparently the big spike is for loosening knots,or so my Grandad reckoned.
  12. Mine does, I found its really good for being a pokey thing, for those awkward situations when you don't want to blunt your blade but need a pokey thing.
  13. The "big* off spike" may used as a hoof pick, I use mine most days and have done for many years, very well it works too.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its for splicing two loose wracs together!
  15. I'm told the design goes back to before WW2 (sometime seen with bakelite handles) and the spike is double purpose (or more, it probably pierces evaporated milk tins nicely too)

    The olde-style cavalry had them for cleaning horses-hooves.

    For matelots, however, the spike is a "fid" for splicing ropes; two live ends can be joined or an "eye" made to go over a mooring-bollard or similar.

    It's a dying art. Here's an example;