Clasp Knife

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by InspectorDiver, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. The old man seems to have lost his old faithful knife. It's his birthday next week and I want to grab him another one, anyone know the best place to get one from? Or anyone got one they wanna flog?

  2. Knife shop . com
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  3. Can't seem to see the British Army type on there?
  4. It was actually a website? :D
  5. Lost mine at BATUS. Might be worth a quick look. :)
  6. DGSx

    i have one in my draw at work still shinney i'm sure i could part with if for a donation to a good cause PM me details i'm in Blandford back in the office on monday

    if not good hunting.
  7. Where are you getting beer that cheap in London?
  8. NSN for
    knife pocket ( 1x blade) 5110 99 794 0491
    knife pocket ( blade,tin opener and screwdriver) 5110 99 301 0301
    knife pocket (blade,tin opener, screwdriver and spike) 5110 99 975 7403
  9. Hi, sorry to bother you i spotted your post about clasp knife and just wanted to ask about the value of them (5110-99-975-7403^2008) so that i can start it at a good price on Ebay, any info would be great. Thanks pal. Kingkill

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