Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by The_Dragoon, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. My 11 year old daughter has just raised £700 for H4H doing a sponsored silence, wrote to Jeremy Clarkson asking for 10 minutes of his time to take some piccies for a PR cheque presentation.......... answer, NO. Ummmmmm....... slightly miffed.
  2. Has anyone else had experiences of 'celebs' who wear the wristbands but, don't follow through to the real people........ I even offered to drive to wherever he was anywhere in the country for a 10 minute slot....... unfortunately, Jeremy does not do that. Next time I see him flaunting his H4H wristband on TV, I will see through the facade..... typical.
  3. not necessarily a facade fella just may be a very busy man, how about a local celeb for the papers might make it more relevant as I assume it was a local event, and may encourage some more youngsters to have a go.

    Top job from your little girl all the same £700 is no mean feat she deserves all the recognition you can muster whatever the charity she did it for, it was a great effort.
  4. Well done to her but as posted above I imagine he's pulled from pillar to post. You must be very proud of her.
  5. Zippy, yep..... know what you mean but, I did offer to take her to wherever he was for a quick 10 minute photo oppurtunity. Was a bit dissapointed at a strightforward "no"....... ummmmmmm, do we know each other ? Do you know a pub called "Blakes"
  6. Jarrod, yes...... very much so. Thanks for your post.
  7. I had the same with Mr Clarkson when he was down bovy. He was filming something or another with a CR2 and a Range Rover. Asked to come over for our course photo and he just raised his hand and fucked us off. Still a legend though.
  8. Fat Tankie....... mmmmmm...... unfortunately what you say just pisses me off even more, the bloke who I have always considered to be a "Legend" too is probably just another media gathering whore.......oh well, hope his PA monitors here
  9. I saw through Clarkson's facade years ago and wrote to him telling he was a ******. He didn't like that very much.
  10. See i feel its swings and roundabouts with him. I mean yeh he is a bit of a dick. But i think you could tell that any way. But on the other hand, the advertising he has done for Help for Heroes is huge. He does a few of the dinners and big get togethers to. Even if he is using it to his own advantage.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that he is yet another media whore, full of self-sanctifying "H4H" protestations and does Jack unless he progresses himself. Thats my personal opinion and I'm very dissapointed in the the bloke who "flaunts" himself....... I hope his PA monitors this because, he is obviously too busy for the "little people" who do all the real fundraising..... JEREMY....... its NOT just about wearing a wristabnd for your self appreciation !
  12. Try gruesome fantasy instead. Imagine that he is doing a live broadcast about the Bugatti Veyron, with its engine running in Top Gear, and the bonnet up.

    Mr. Clarkson (resting one hand on the radiator) explains just how obscenely expensive the car is, and exactly why only 'celebrities' like him can afford one. A passing seagull shits on his glossy, alcoholism-reddened forehead. In recoiling, his hand slips into the engine bay, and his H4H wristband catches on the whirring fan blades, dragging him into the engine and pulping him in seconds.

    The ensuing screaming, horrible grinding sounds as the engine explodes, equally horrible abbatoir sounds as Mr. Clarkson explodes, and welter of gore on the camera lens - and everything else - is broadcast live to thousands of viewers, who bankrupt the BBC with a blizzard of lawsuits alleging mental anguish.
  13. Lovely image, but given the success of the Beeb in fending-off claims for mental anguish from Clarkson-sufferers in recent years, the State Broadcaster's coffers are safe. Jezza's demise in such a manner would make primetime viewing, I feel.
  14. If could be the revamp Top Gear needs with Saw-like challenges to keep the twats occupied/in agony. The challenge this week is to be arseraped by a South African prison gang until you contract HIV whilst having tasers fired at your eyes, I can see it being every bit as wacky and amusing as your old adventures.
  15. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    The Top Gear lot did same when they were in Orkney, refused autographs and photos etc claiming too busy filming. Aye right, they forget their are hundreds of pairs of binos in Orkney and they can see that you spent very little time with the cameras set up or getting set up.