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Clarkson under attack.


Gentlemen get the snow chains on the bus ( and any other AFV we have)
Jezza has oooffended viewers and MPs with comments about cyclops, the french and the Aussies.

Sitting watching BBC news and some ponce of an MP was calling for an appology for his comments about cyclops saying it was basicaly rascist agains the Scots. Given that this nonce spoke with a Geordie accent he seems to be being oafended on the scots behalf and appeared to be calling for sanctions against Jezza.

Speaking as a Brit with a Scots Name and a Scots Grandfather I can take the piss out of a scots stereo type quite happily and the english in equal measure.

If there is any action against Jezza (which I doubt there will be because they can't afford to loose him or top gear) I suggest we roll on down to see Cyclops and tell the one eyed Scottish idiot that he is exactly that.


Father_Gundulph said:

On a completely related note, how did the sleeping suggestions work out for you?!
Running head first at the wall seemed th emost sensible option, unforunately the pain woke me up shortly after. The Insomnia is starting to get irritating to say the least!

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