Clarkson;The greatest raid of all.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by spike7451, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The story of the raid on St Nazaire in 1942 on now on BBC2
  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Its a good show, I've seen it before..

    And a bloody impressive story, considering what was achieved..
  3. I saw it on youtube...he does one about VC winners as well...some of the stories are just brilliant....very inspirational.
  4. Brilliant :!:
  5. Bloody fantastic
  6. Clarkson, I like that man more each day.
  7. Myself & Mrs Stilts watched it, class it was a suicide mission really.

  8. Unbelieveable!

    Some guts and courage!

  9. Mrs PMU and I watched it. I remember reading about it in depth years ago when I was a kid (my dad had quite a collection of military books). Mrs PMU was gobsmacked at the courage.

    The thing I always find incredible about the surviving blokes they interview is the understatement. Comments like "having been shot x amount of times, I tried to have a go but couldn't get my jolly arms to work" etc never cease to amaze me. The guy who was shot in the leg, arm and both hands, planted an explosive then had to climb 7 flights of stairs, in the dark, in 90 seconds before the charges went off simply leave me speechless. They all knew it was a potential suicide job but not one of them wavered. The only bit I found sad was the tiny memorial at the end. They should take Nelson down and put these blokes up there.

    Brave, dedicated men. We should never forget them.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    And Clarkson found out about it while researching his dad!I'm amazed that he got the BBC to commision it considering the crap that they show & the waste of icence fee on the crap.I'd like to see a whole series by Clarkson on the greatest military events since WWII.
  11. Spike, I think he was researching his father-in-law, who won a VC. I'll try and find out where.

    Anyway, enough pedantic bollix. It was a great programme: he only got a bit over-excited once - doing a piece to camera on the boat as he got closer to the dry dock gates.

    I reckon that the BBC will be looking hard at more Clarkson history progs. He's cornered a market in the same way that Tony 'Baldrick' Robinson has captured the ancient history / digging up the past slot.

    I'd like to see Clarkson do Pegasus Bridge, Hill 60 and Cimic House (if they can afford the insurance to send him there)

    EDITED TO ADD THE FOLLOWING: It was his father-in-law, who was at Arnhem:

    "Major Robert Cain commanded a company of the South Staffordshire Regiment. These men landed eight miles from the so-called "Bridge Too Far" where the British were fighting desperately to retain their foothold at the north end.

    Disaster struck. The Germans sprang an ambush and 300 of our men lost their lives, including two of Robert Cain's closest friends.

    He later admitted to shedding tears. But through his grief shone true courage and an amazing determination to fight back and defeat the enemy. Cain kept his nerve and led his men to an astonishing counter attack and an incredible escape.

    Major Robert Cain received the Victoria Cross, the highest, most prestigious award bestowed for gallantry."
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cheers KOTB.
    T'was a good show,some truely humbling moments on there,especially the German Officer who said to the Captain he should get the VC.But imagine walking past that ship,crammed with explosives & unstable fuses knowing it might go off any second!Now that's nails!!!!
    And the Commando training sounded more like SAS Selection,I mean,holding first parade & having to get there!