Clarkson Suspended by the BBC


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Sky are reporting that the BBC has suspended Clarkson following a "fracas with a producer".

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Ahh cutting off the hand that feeds you hundreds of millions of ££ - obviously a cunning plan!
Now also on the BBC and no Top Gear this weekend. Good riddance, he's an asshat.


Christ, he must have really screwed up. Full suspension and no TG on Sunday. That 'fracas' must've been a hell of a lot bigger than Sky're saying. He's never been suspended before, has he? Lost his place as Aunties golden boy at last.




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top gear has been slowly going off the boil for years. He has made his millions so I doubt he cares much.


Noooooo! No TG on Sunday well that's my weekend knackered. Wonder what it was this time. Caught hanging out the beam end of the producer's other half?

If he's going down I hope he goes down in flames, no holds barred. Should be amusing. RIP.
Disingenuous of Auntie Beeb when non PC banter is his stock in trade and why he is employed as a presenter, one could argue ...
No Top Gear on Sunday?
Down the pub for me then! - and as it's the only programme I watch on the BBC , roll on scrapping the licence fee and starting with the pay to view idea
Only a matter of time as he has been at odds with PC brigade for years although, as with most leftwing economic policy, it's rather cutting off the hand that feads.
A faction in the BBC have been out to get him for ages, envy of success, political correctness, there are people in the BBC who would love to scrap TG - in the way Thames decided that the Benny Hill show had to go even though it was their most successful show
" not what we ought to be making"
" shows like that aren't what the public should be watching".

Having said that I think of recent Clarkson has seemd a bit bored of the show think there's a possibility he doesn't care, yet wants to be pushed rather than jump.

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