Clarkson on Musa Qala

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Good article from JC but perhaps this wasn't the best comparison?:

  2. Once again JC hits the nail on the head - abeit with a sledgehammer
  3. Is it really? I think not.

    I find that very hard to believe and think JC has made up a little white lie here!

    I have more faith in the reconstruction of Afghanistan than in Iraq.
  4. Journalistic licence!
  5. He does talk alot of sense though TBH.
  6. How dare thou question Clarkson! I think a visit from the emporer is in order for you.
  7. To me, The Sun is a pile of w*nk! Its a blunt paper and tells it how it is, i just dont beleive most of the b*ll*cks they print!
  8. I was PRT with 1 RGR on their beatup prior to deployment and plenty of the little buggers where keen to engage Terry with Khukri.
  9. I inserted the numbers.

    1) True. All he probably had to do was insert the word "determined" before batalion and it would probably be correct. Not intending to deride previous achievements BTW.

    2) I don't find it hard to believe. No idea wether it is true or not but it wouldn't surprise me if the Ghurkhas deliberately tried to get hand-hand.

    3) If your objection is (as I think it was), to the word pointless, I completely agree. I think a stable Afghanistan where it's citizens are better off is in Britian's interests.

    On the whole I think it was a fair and damned good article. IMO he made a few minor errors but the intentions/sentiments are good.
  10. Why would they want to fight hand to hand. No other troops in modern history prefer hand to hand combat. Are you suggesting the Gurkhas do? Get real FFS.
  11. I am "suggesting" nothing of the sort. I was saying that if they did, it would not surprise me ie. I am neutral.

    The Gurkhas probably think a bit differently to the rest of us and if they wanted to get into hand-hand combat for extra kudos by actually using the kukri, it would not surprise me. I do not expect them to do that but also, I would not be shocked if they did.
  12. Are you the gullible type? Have you been reading too many books?
  13. Any one whose worked with Ghurkhas will know three things:

    they love cigarettes

    they love knives

    they sometimes hold hands

    ........and I can well imagine that some of the old kukaris have come out.

    ps: don't smoke with them :)
  14. But to believe that they would rather engage the enemy with knives is ludicrous. Anyone who believes this is either naive, gullible, stupid or all three.