Clarkson:Make my day, sir, shoot a hoodie

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_boy_syrup, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Another exellent peice from he man who would be King

    ....I wasn’t even remotely bothered when the swarm of children first approached. I figured they were fans of Top Gear and wanted to know about Richard Hammond’s head. But no. What they wanted to know most of all was if I had any security.

    I asked them politely to leave me alone. I walked away. I even walked away a bit more. But they kept coming. And so, figuring that attack was probably the best form of defence, I grabbed the ringleader by his hoodie, lifted him off the ground and explained, firmly, that it’d be best if he went back to his tenement.

    Shoot a hoodie
  2. The man hits the nail on the head every single time. Another great piece by him.

    My favourite bit..

  3. I think it is about time 40-something man started hanging around street corners in large groups discussing, cars, football, B and Q 40% off sales, Life on Mars v The Sweeny and intercepting these future customers of HM Prisons and the Probation Service and teaching these little scrotes that when you follow through with your body weight on a punch when packing a beer/kebab gut it is really, really going to hurt!

    Bring back borstals like in 'Scum' - we'd soon see 'who's the daddy'!
  4. HAHHAHAHAHAH....!!!
  5. Are there any "Clarkson for PM shirts" for sale anywhere??
  6. Clarkson will never be Prime Minister , he is too bloody honest and sensible
  7. I'm surprised he hasn't been arrested yet.
  8. Well done Jeremy, attack is the best form of defence and the spirited blame of the parents should stop them coming forward and suing him for assault.
  9. You think the parents read The Times? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Clarkson, once again, is the only person prepared to say what he thinks in public - he can get away with it because he is famous. If any of the rest of us expressed these views (outside the rather like-minded environment in which we work), we would be hauled up by some pinko for being a 'fascist' (the classic 'close down argument' phrase favoured by the right-on 'liberati').

    All the whingeing lefties who bang on about how it is society's fault that these feral youths have been created neatly fail to acknowledge that it is their deconstruction of the network of rules and responsibilities in favour of rights and entitlements that has created this society. We are now giving smaller classes, go-kart lessons etc to the scrotes who have been caught and need to be 're-habilitated'. Those youngsters who manage to grow up as law abiding citizens in spite of the labour-inspired incentives to become idle, feckless scum would probably love to have a 6-month free go-karting course but they can't have one because they aren't 'fractured'.

    God Bless Clarkson, for saying everything that the rest of us are thinking.
  11. You think the parents read?
  12. During my last year at Primary school 1968, I spat on a girl, and I was Caned, It still hurts now when I think of it. On going home with a letter for my dad, he read it, got his Sam Browne belt and strapped me on the welts on my Arse from the Caning. Result I have never spat on anyone since, or bullied anyone. I joined the Army did 22yrs, joined the Police still serving, never been arrested, or commited a crime. Corporal Punishment at School worked. At Secondary School the C**k was Caned for Bullying, he Cried like a baby after six strokes, if he Cried what would mere mortals do if Caned. No Bullying happened at that School after that. Society is a Victim of middle class do gooders, rip up the Human Rights Act, bring back Corporal Punishment, Borstal, and Hanging, cause we were a damn sight more Civilized when Punishment fitted the Crime. Maybe Clarkson is just the man to bring us back from the Edge.
  13. If you replaced hanging with the birch (not for the same crime of course!) you'd get my vote!

    I spat on a girl at school - mind you, it was from my jap's eye and she never told anyone :roll:
  14. If I gob on someone, can I have a job? :D