Clarkson in The Sun 15.01.2011 - Over the top, on on the ball?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by netleyned, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. I read Mr. Clarkson's piece in The Sun yesterday where he asserted that we'd be left with only 50 chally 2's, and begger all APC's etc. Now I know that the govt want to store etc 40 % of challys so by my reckoning that is 80, not 150, which would be 75%. Has he got these figures horrendously incorrect, or are the coalition really going to screw over the Army that badly? Say it's not so, if it is correct how did this one sneak pass the world at large? Any answers to clarify this would be helpful.
  2. So its in the Sun and written by Clarkson and you're wondering about the truthfullness of the claims? I think you've answered your own question really. Oh yes and the Army, like every other section of public service and British society, (with the notable exception of bankers and the City) is going to get screwed by the Con-Dem coalition because thats what Tories do.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    in 2009 there were 345 Challys available so that would leave 138
  4. Because nice Mr Brown spent all the money.
  5. It MUST be true because JC never ever exagerrates.......
  6. 'Cos the bankers caused an international financial crisis (or did that pass you by?) and are getting away scot free with it.
  7. Fixed that for you. No need to thank me.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Before long The Royal Armoured Corps will just be a group, when I joined we had 18 Armoured regiments, now we have five, soon to become two or three by the looks of it
  9. And the reason why there isn't much in the golden purse to spend on defence, after bailing out said banks becuase of what a significant part of GDP the banking system is, is because it gets spent on welfare. Something Islington Champagne socialists like Blair (with his multi-million pound property portfolio) do - Or did that pass you by?
  10. Every last one of them is a ****, speculators and politicians alike - did that pass everyone by?
  11. What passed nobody by was that the bankers financial crisis was missed because a certain monocular chancellor, who lived with someone called prudence, created the FSA, and was unable to see (with one of his eyes) that the banks were taking risks with investments. The same guy, when Prime Minister, also failed to provide a Strategic Defence Review within his term in office, preferring to put it off until another government took over, it then revealed a £36Billion Defence overspend. So what else are we supposed to do, buy more armour, to sit rotting in garages in Germany and Bovington?
    Maybe its Gordon's way of "spending his way" out of this crisis, but it just wont work.
  12. What he said.
  13. Anti-Tories can chuck all the blame they want, all sector's are seeing significant changes & reductions and the 'City' for example has made it clear who is in charge as the PM recently admitted, the Coalition is in a no win situation either way you look at it, and watching Mr Diamond being questioned by MP's was enjoyable BUT does'nt change a thing,

    Blair, Brown & Co have F.....ked this country over, the AF are in for a very rough ride over the next few years & IIRC in the 'small' print the Army will be reduced to 94.000 by 2015 when another SDSR will see it gets worse,

    Morning rant over...

  14. and the RTR will be the "tank" (1) regt.
  15. Alas the powers that be in number 10 will still want/expect to be able to piss with the big boys,when the shit hits the fan.