Clarkson gets another dig in.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smallbore, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Top Gear, Sun 2 Aug.

    Inroducing The Stig, Clarkson said

    "...some say..... and if he compensated a soldier for getting wounded he wouldn't try to to take it all back again .....

    (Cheers and applause from audience - took them a second to get it then it went down well).

    I don't think he likes Gordo and his chums.
  2. Apparently he was chastised a couple of weeks ago for twice refering to Mr Brown as a cnut during filming of a Top Gear episode.
  3. Did his father in law not get a VC in Arnhem?
  4. I'm pretty certain he doesn't-and he's not alone :!:
  5. That's correct Major Robert Caine.
  6. Jeremy should be careful - he may find out one day that his brakes mysteriously 'fail to work'.
  7. Well you might be right, as he doesn't look the type to take a walk in the woods. Although I believe his house on the Isle of Man is quite close to some cliff's......
  8. Its interesting that Clarkeson can get away with this, and not be sacked like Kilroy Silk. I think his following is getting too big now, and the loony-liberal bosses of the BBC do not know what to do with him.

    They could not even silence him when he called Gordy a 'one eyed Scottish idiot'.
  9. Loved the Scirocco TDi adverts......

    "Berlin to Warsaw on one tank!"..... LOL
  10. despite him apologising afterwards?

    not really kilroy silk is a tool at best and hosted a rubbish chat show for the unemployed and stupid. clarkson has been accurate in the extreme and hosts the most popular tv show on the BBC, as well as writing in several of the most popular newspapers in the country.
  11. There is only one man I worship and his initials are JC.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Jezza knows he has a great following; as do the BBC bosses, and Top Gear is a jewel in the tarnished BBC crown.

    Keep it up- hopefully the campaign for him to become PM will gain strength.
  13. Don't mention the war!That aside,his choice of words was great...
  14. He did, I was there at the filming. The only reason he got bollocked was because the director general of the BBC was attending.
  15. Who's "The Stig"?