Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by THEY_STOOD_IN_THE_DOOR, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. JC says it as he see's it. is it about time we had someone like that running this country?
  2. Indeed, and with the benefit of two eyes he see's a lot more!
  3. Yes, I agree, Lord Foulkes. Absolutely. We should put him in charge!
  4. It's actually: "as he sees it", but I agree wholeheartedly! Clarkson for president, or pry minister or whatever. Excellent choice!

  5. I see there is a 5% NO at the moment ! Who are these people? they need outing !
  6. Probably JC himself trying to point out that he'd never lower himself by becoming a politician!
  7. naaah..

    i'd rather him than brown though
  8. I can't understand this fetish for wanting to support Clarkson, to be Clarkson, to making Clarkson PM etc.

    Let's face it. He's a 70's throwback with pubic hair for a hairstyle, he wears denim like it's a fine suit, and he's generally a twat. He thinks that burning all of the worlds oil as fast as possible is some sort of public school wheeze of the highest order. Ask him how to save the world from warming, he has no idea, yet he attacks those that try. Why do so many find it's appropriate to hero worship him? It's like respecting Ron Burgundy.

    The guy is a big twat. End of.
  9. ron burgundy is a f*cking legend..

    clarkson is a bit of a tit though
  10. Must agree, he is without doubt a total bellend.
  11. Its because he knows all this save the earth bollocks is just that... bollocks. He speaks his mind and generally talks sense and in the process manages to upset people which is fine by me because most of the people
    he does upset fcuking deserves it.

    Look at his latest outburst

    1. The Aussies, lets face it they are a bunch of tw*ts. You only have to see the barmen in my local Walkabout (fcuking knobs)

    2. One Eyed Brown, I quote "there will be no boom and bust" nice one Gordon. we're in the worsed recession for decades. And, he is Scottish so he is a Scottish idiot, not racist merely pointing out a fact.

    3. The French, do i really have to say anything about the war dodging fcukers.

    Yes, Jezzer for PM i say!
  12. You appear to be in the minority

    Maybe people want some denim wearing tw*t instead of left wing apologists that have nothing better to do than downgrade our country to a mere rock to the left of Europe. How much do you want to bet that despite your little lefty rant, the vote is overwhelmingly in favour of Jezza?

    And despite of what you think, it will mean only one thing. You are the minority fcukwit.
  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    He may only be a journo and broadcaster... He may be opinionated. But frankly he would do a much better jobn than Winky McFucknut. And be far more amusing in the process.
  14. I like Clarkson. He's an entertaining broadcaster, a readable journo, doesn't take himself too seriously, and seems to take delight in offending people who I find offensive. And he seems to have made himself very wealthy doing it.

    Even if there were nothing else in his favour, the fact that Clarkson is despised by pinkoes like Marcus Brigstock and Arthur Smith (listen to "I've never seen Starwars" BBC R4),means the man is a good egg. Add to that the punching of Piers Morgan, and a picture is forming of a God-like collossus bestriding the PC world of broadcasting and piss#ing all over it.